Delightful & Delicioius Drip Cakes 

We would be lying if we said dessert wasn’t one our favorite parts of weddings. With the wave of nontraditional wedding cakes taking over weddings like a storm, we are loving this new trend of drip cakes.

A drip cake is a cake, usually a lightly frosted or “naked cake” that then has a top coat of a darker or brighter color that tends to drip or spill down the side of the cake. They actually traditionally hail from Great Britain and are known to contain brown sugar, spices, currants and raisins. However this new trend of wedding drip cakes have strayed away from spices and raisins and turned drip cakes into a form of art.

Both beautiful and delicious, these cakes can be simple or full of personality. From brightly colored frostings to added flowers or fruits, drip cakes are a great way to add color and fun into your wedding dessert. If a loud dessert isn’t for you, cakes can be dripped with honey or kept simple for a more elegant looking dessert. This gorgeous cakes are also a hack if you aren’t a fan of traditional thick wedding cake frosting, and will avoid giving your guests a sugar high. To see more of these beautiful creations, scroll through the gallery below.