Couple Goals With Davey & Meg Hibler

Valentine’s Day may be over, but in our opinion, February is an entire month dedicated to love. We decided to continue the love by profiling one of our favorite couples on Tahoe Unveiled, Meg and Davey Hibler. Davey Hibler is one of Tahoe’s leading videographers and one of our favorites, and his wife Meg is an amazing wedding photographer in Tahoe. She also has an incredible Instagram that you should follow right now! Together they make what we are sure is the sweetest and cutest couple known to man. We were lucky enough to sit down with them and get to know their love story a little better and how they make collaborating as professionals in the industry work!

Davey and Meg’s romance came to be at a sweet meeting through their church. They were both in men’s and women’s Bible studies, and the two groups met at the movies one night. The rest is history! Davey was already in full swing in the world of wedding videography, and Meg was a budding photographer at the time. Accompanying Davey to weddings to learn more about the industry and learning everything she could was the first step in her journey to becoming a full-time wedding photographer. We think how they helped each other through this step in their life is extremely sweet!

Working with your spouse may not always be easy, but Davey and Meg sure make it look that way. Davey shared with us that they are truly best friends, and we believe it! Working together makes everything more fun for them, and what better way to tackle a wedding day than with your best friend by your side?! Practice, practice, and more practice is how Meg and Davey make working together seamless. At the beginning of their joint careers, they would spend time at home and practice what a wedding day would look like. “We learned how to communicate through looks and nods, and we came up with a routine for the day. Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you’ll automatically work well together. It can take a bit of practice and patience,” says Davey.

They also suggest marketing yourself as a package if you want to work together. The Hibler’s have found that couples love when they find out they work together. They have found it’s easier for a couple to trust that their videographer and photographer will work well together if they are married!

Speaking of working as a couple when we asked what they love about working together, Davey gushed about Meg, “I love that she knows how to set up shots in a way that keeps the couple natural and fun. Video is more hands-off in a sense. Often times the photographer kind of leads the day and sets up a lot of the shots, and I love that Meg does it in a way that allows us to work synonymously. She’s very mindful that video requires movement and audio. She weaves those things through her posing so effortlessly that the couple doesn’t get nervous or overthink their movements. This allows me to capture them being comfortable with each other.”

Combining their love of adventure and travel, Davey and Meg find themselves discovering new places while they aren’t working. They never leave home without their cameras and are often making videos and taking gorgeous photos on their trips. Go check out their Instagram accounts to see their latest trip to Iceland! Travel keeps their creativity flowing while challenging them mentally, emotionally, and physically.

What does this power couple do on their typical date night? Take out and a movie or bowling. Binge-watching a series and eating ice cream all night are also a favorite, see, they are just like us! Davey and Meg are the sweetest duo, and we look forward to seeing more of their work together. “We’re are truly blessed and humbled to get to live out our passion every day.”

You can learn more about Davey on his Tahoe Unveiled vendor page and more about Meg on her website. Be sure to check out Davey and Meg’s Instagram accounts too!