Colorful Suits: Because Men Like to Have Fun Too

Who says the bride is the only one who gets to have fun?! If your partner is no ordinary guy let him express himself in his suit choice. Not only will he stand out, but he will get to feel like his best self. Suits have come a long way from the traditional tuxedos. From classic suits, to vests to suspenders, males aren’t afraid to mix up their look and incorporate their own unique style into their big day. And they should…because it is their big day too!

The natural backdrop of Tahoe is perfect for some mountain inspired suits. Tweed, deep green and maroon or mauve are our current favorites and really stand out in Tahoe’s mountain setting. Colored suits are also a great opportunity to be creative with your flowers and other decorations because colored suits can be such a contrast to you and your white dress, especially in wedding photos!

If you’re really looking to be original, try patterned suits. Before you write off this look completely, we are here to tell you patterned suits have come a long way since your Dads prom. There are so many floral and patterned prints out there, there is a way to do it tastefully! Our suggestions are if your partner wants to have a bold suit, to go quieter on other parts of your décor. Watch out for elements that will create chaos and conflict between his suit and your wedding style. We aren’t saying he should take away from you and the look you’re going for, but find a dress and décor that compliments him and his even accents his patterns.

Suit colors are the new black and we are here to say we support it and look forward to see what happens next as the men start to step up and show off their individuality!