Clarity and Details on Your Wedding Invitations

Brides, while you may be hoping to be “cutesy” on your invitations and website, cute can be confusing. Give your guests clear guidance to avoid confusion and save yourself a stream of text messages the week before your wedding when you are trying to relax and enjoying your closest loved ones.


Rather than saying something such as, “grass muddies up heels,” think along the lines of direct- “ceremony and dancing to be held on the lawn, select footwear accordingly.” Another example, rather than “we love your kids but want you to party” to mention that you’re hosting an adult affair, directly note that you aren’t inviting children, “adult wedding and reception.”


The invitation doesn’t have to be a bombardment of details for the day. Invite your guests, and on a separate, smaller note, such as your venue directions, notate the dress code. For an outdoor wedding, let guests know the ceremony will be held outside and to dress accordingly. You don’t need to go into details explaining the difference between a kitten heel and wedge, or flats and flip flops (most guests should understand this).


If you prefer to not have children at your ceremony, clearly state this with the invitation. More than likely you have little ones you greatly adore, but if you prefer to not have children at your wedding clearly state so that parents have the time to decide if they are able to attend or find childcare.

Wedding Website

Do you have a website? This is a great place to put more details regarding your registry, venue, lodging, attire, fun things to do in the area, and your story as a couple. Since you’re dying to show off your engagement photos anyway this is a great place to display for all of your loved ones to see.

You have plenty of time to show your hilarious personality when you’re surrounded by loved ones, let your invitation clearly invite guests while providing straight-forward details.