Bridal Beauty Tips From Tahoe's Best Hair & Makeup Artists

When it comes to wedding day beauty, we can never get enough expert advice – especially in Lake Tahoe, where the elements can play a major role in your day. In this post, we tap Tahoe’s best hair and makeup artists for their top tips and tricks.


According to the stylists at Salon Bella Vita, nailing the timing of your trial is important to getting the look you want on wedding day. “I suggest a trial no sooner than a month or two before before the big day,” says salon owner Tiana O’Neal. “Although it can be tempting to do your trial right away, the more time that passes allows more time for you to change your mind.” Keeping the trial closer to your wedding date also means your stylist will still have your look fresh in their mind.

If you’re feeling excited and want to get a head start on your wedding day beauty, stylist Sarina Bruno says it’s never too soon to get on a regular skin care regimen, including facials and home care. She also suggests taking care of your mind by practicing stress relief techniques, such as exercise and meditation, and making a habit of getting plenty of sleep.

Salon Bella Vita stylist Nicole Oxandaboure adds, “Enjoy your pre-wedding beauty time – stay calm, celebrate, and turn on some good music!”


Megan Cary, owner of Megan Cary Artistry, emphasizes the importance of ensuring the foundation you use is a perfect match. “Many people tend to go by the actual tone of their face which is the exact opposite of what should be done,” she warns. “Your face is consistently exposed to the elements and will always be a little darker than your jawline and neck.” The wrong match, according to Cary, leads to a look where there is a clear shade difference between face and neck – something you definitely don’t want to see in your wedding photos!

The trick is to match the color of the foundation to the jawline and apply that upward and onto your face. She notes that while you will feel this looks a bit washed out, color is added back onto the face with bronzer and contouring. Visit this post for even more of Megan Cary’s bridal beauty prep 101.


Michelle Campbell, owner of Love Is In the Hair (and absolutely gorgeous hair in her own right), wants you to know that dirty hair is totally not bridal. “There has been this long time myth that dirty hair is better for upstyling and we are here today to tell you otherwise,” says Michelle.

It turns out, dirty hair can in fact hurt your style and shorten its longevity. Stylists dread working with heavy, oily hair. “With trends leaning towards light and airy styles, dirty hair can be your worst enemy.” Michelle emphasizes trusting your stylist to know just the right products to achieve the texture and volume you want. So let’s scream it from the rooftops: arrive on your wedding day with clean, dry hair!

Echoing the previous tips about timing, Michelle also warns about trying a new product or regimen right before your big day. Her advice is to establish relationships with beauty pros early on – aestheticians, stylists, and spray tan artists – and stick to their long term, professional plan.

See more of wedding beauty tips and favorite bridal hairstyles from Love Is In The Hair.


Stylist Nancy Rice has previously offered us her specific, professional tips for planning your wedding beauty trial and provided more advice for this post. “It sometimes gets overlooked, but your wedding is a day when you want perfect lips,” she states. “If your lips are chapped from being out in Tahoe’s sun and wind, gently brush them with a soft toothbrush to eliminate flaky skin.” She also recommends a facial or two (in advance) for the most flawless application of makeup on wedding day.

Nancy is also a fan of using hair extensions to add volume and length to your style without having to grow your hair out. And she seconds Michelle’s plea for clean hair. “We prefer clean hair, washed the day-of or night before, as we can easily ‘dirty’ it with product. Truly dirty hair does not work out as well as some believe.”

So there you have it! We hope you have learned some tips from these top professionals and encourage you to check out their portfolios on the Tahoe Unveiled vendor guide. Our tip? Book early because all of their calendars fill up fast!