Bridal Beauty Prep 101 with Megan Cary

With many Lake Tahoe weddings on pause, we turned to beauty pro Megan Cary, owner of Megan Cary Artistry, for bridal beauty tips in the age of COVID. In this post, she offers great advice for steps you can start now and which other parts of your beauty plan should be left until a few months out from your wedding.

What are the most important beauty related things a bride should be tending to right now?

I tell all my brides that the key is to maintain a good skin care routine – and start early. We want you to have that amazing bridal glow! It’s really important to exfoliate and moisturize so your makeup foundation doesn’t have that flaky or cakey look, the telltale sign of dry skin. Depending on the hair style desired, a bride might need to start early to grow out their hair but extensions are also a great way to get length when there isn’t enough time.

This is also the time to scroll through inspiration to think about your desired look. However, I don’t recommend choosing a hairstyle and makeup look too far in advance, say a year, because brides often change their minds after looking at new images on Pinterest or in magazines. We’ve all learned how much can change in a year!

So skin care and hair considerations are very important. Are there any new routines a bride should put into place before the wedding?

Honestly, I wouldn’t start a new routine or set of products right before the wedding unless absolutely needed. Sometimes skin, hair, or nails don’t react the way you want and we don’t want to be in a frenzy trying to correct it right before the big day!

That said, it’s always a good time to add water and exercise. What you eat and drink and how well you take care of yourself always shows in your skin, hair, energy, and overall look. Prenatal vitamins are also a tip for growing hair and nails fast. From there, leave the beauty to the pros!

What is the main piece of advice you give to your clients?

My #1 piece of advice, always, is to have trust in us as their beauty team. We always strive to give them the look they want and also will advise and educate if needed. We know it is hard to leave how you look to someone on such a big day and we work hard to put all our clients at ease.

So, brides, there’s no time like the present to start drinking more water and get going on your pre-wedding skin care and exercise routines. Even if it’s just walking, the fresh air and endorphins will lift your mood and set you up for a gorgeous wedding day glow! Thanks to Megan Cary for this straightforward advice. You can check out her portfolio here.