Boss Braids: Braided Hairstyles For Your Tahoe Wedding

It would seem recently on TV shows and in movies we are seeing a lot of strong female ladies running the show and taking over what was once considered a male dominated field, for example Lagertha on Vikings and Khaleesi in Game of thrones and Katniss in the Hunger Games, to name a few. Whether it’s fighting for foreign lands, riding dragons or winning the hunger games all of these boss ladies are doing all this while sporting some pretty amazing braids. These braids are not just subject to the medieval and fantasy world, we are seeing a lot of them pop up in wedding hair inspiration and we love them. Whether it’s half up or half down, boho fishtails or loose ponytail braids, these braids are a sure way to rock your long locks.

If a fierce braided look is not the one you are going for, floral additions or slightly loose braids can add a softer more delicate look. Milkmaid braids (a braid that wraps around your head) is a great way to incorporate braids into an updo if you want to show off your dress, this one is great to consider weaving in flowers into it as a natural flower crown. We love waterfall braids as a more whimsical way to incorporate braids while still leaving your hair down. And Fishtail braids are a slightly messier more boho vibe. Whatever braided look you decide to choose, one thing we can agree on is any braid is a boss braid.