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December 26, 2017

Tahoe Unveiled/Tahoe Unveiled

Intimate weddings and elopements are a wonderful new trend. It's romantic and easy, just like how your Tahoe wedding should be! Small weddings will allow you to either cut on costs or provide more for the guests you invite. Or both! Take your Tahoe wedding camping or rent out a house on the lake for you, hubby, and guests to party and stay at. Small parties make it easier to commit to a ceremony on a boat, truly embracing Tahoe.

Saying no to a traditional size wedding party - and to those who will not be guests - is not easy, so sit down and make sure that it will be best for your wedding. There are many compromises that can be made, you can have a private wedding and invite everyone to the ceremony, or vice versa. Get married on the boat, and then dock at West Shore Café for the party with everyone.

Here's some inspiration for your intimate wedding:

Intimate Wedding Ceremony
Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Mountains
Intimate Mountain Wedding Reception
Intimate Mountain Wedding