There is nothing more we could want from Sarah and Daniel's PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn wedding. The expansive views of Squaw Valley, the incredibly gorgeous wedding party dressed to the nines and all the glorious details by Lake Tahoe wedding planner Summit Soiree. With Virgil Bunao behind the lens, every single image is a glimpse into the gorgeous love that this day embodied. plumpjack-squaw-valley-weddingplumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-27 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-29 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-47 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-46 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-82 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-87 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-02 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-03 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-69 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-50 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-66 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-60 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-56 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-86 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-83 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-84 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-07 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-12 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-81 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-77 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-54plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-53 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-51plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-49 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-52 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-48 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-41plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-44 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-40 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-39plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-45 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-38 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-36 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-37 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-55 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-32 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-34 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-31 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-28 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-26 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-30 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-25 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-21 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-19 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-16 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-14 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-14 (1) plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-11 (1) plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-10 plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-10 (1) plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-06 (1) plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-05 (1) plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding-13 (1) plumpjack-squaw-valley-wedding From the photographer, Virgil Bunao ~ It was a treat to capture Sarah and Danielís engagement session during Thanksgiving 2012 in Charleston. The weather was now starting to cool and settle down from the heyday of the crazy heat we tend to get here, but that didnít stop them from looking so fresh and so in love. I was counting down the days to their wedding, to snap away the scenes that were taking place. I didnít realize how blown away I would be in the midst of these mountains. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place and the joy of their families and the excitement Sarah and Daniel exhibited each time my camera and I looked at them made Squaw Valley unbelievably picturesque. Being so elevated, every inch of this place had an intense glow. Everything glowed. Sarah glowed. Daniel glowed. The greenery glowed. During the ceremony, the little niche in the woods we were at had some stunning light. At that point, it was clear that I had to leave it to Sarah, Daniel, their guests, and the sun to make this entire day memorable. They did. Vendors: Photography : Virgil Bunao | Event Planning : Summit Soiree | Wedding Dress : Monique Lhuillier | Wedding Venue : PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn | Hair : Kolor by Kori