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Lake Tahoe

December 6, 2011

Tahoe Unveiled

Today we have an interview with our very talented Videographer Doxa Studios. Nik Sullivan, the owner and creator, sat down with us for a little chat about wedding videography and what makes him so passionate about capturing these beautiful and memorable events. Real Time from Doxa Studios on Vimeo. Nik, who believes that the record of your wedding should be both cinematic and documentary, got started in high school but has been shooting weddings since 2005. His goal is to "immortalize both the aesthetic of the setting and the specific personal details that define your wedding day." Because of this, Doxa Studios only films a limited 6-10 weddings a year which allows them to take the thorough approach they pride themselves on. Here's what Nik has to say about Doxa Studios & Videography: Why should a couple have a videographer at their wedding? To capture not only the beautiful moving images of your day, but to capture the gestures, subtle intricacies of interaction between you and your guests, the words spoken, the laughs, and your vows. What is your storytelling approach? By fusing both cinematic and documentary approaches, our aim is to create a storyline that conveys the artistic essence of your day as well as the intimate personal details of each vow exchanged, toast celebrated, and first dance shared. How do you coordinate with the photographer? We find that the best footage comes from working very closely with the photographer. Ideas tend to flow back and forth, and some of the best stills are often taken while we shoot video on specific things. Dynamic movement in Video adds a great deal of fun and beauty to the screen and at the same time can create great opportunities for still photographers. Do you just focus on weddings? I have had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the Tahoe areas finest creators in producing a variety of ski, snowboard, and charitable video projects, including but not limited to "Gnar. The Movie," a 2010 film by Unofficial Networks, and both creating videos and sitting on the advisory board for Tahoe-based nonprofit High Fives which supports and rehabilitates injured snow sports athletes. *Thanks for all the great information Nik! To learn more about Nik and Doxa Studios, please visit our Vendor Guide.