This wedding, on a beautiful Labor Day weekend in the Homewood neighborhood of Lake Tahoe's west shore, took our breath away. The pine trees Tahoe is so famous for worked as the perfect background for photographer Lauren Alisse Photography. The couple worked with the brides parents to make their Homewood cabin wedding wedding ready and the results were better then they could have even imaged. The bride took us on a journey through some of the most memorable moments from the day. Homewood Backyard Wedding-11 Homewood Backyard Wedding 5 Homewood Backyard Wedding-1 Our family friend, Susan Boyle, offered to do our flowers for us. After a few conversations we decided that I was going to have my girls make their own bouquets for the wedding day. I was so excited! Each girl would be able to put her own personal twist into our day, and that was something that just seemed so awesome and unique to me. Homewood Backyard Wedding-3 Homewood Backyard Wedding-5 Homewood Backyard Wedding-7 Homewood Backyard Wedding 3 Homewood Backyard Wedding-10 Homewood Backyard Wedding-8 Homewood Backyard Wedding-4Always and Forever-1 I decided to have a first look with my Dad and two older brothers. That is one of the most incredibly special moments that I have ever experienced in my life. Both of my brothers cried when they saw me, wrapped me up in their arms, and told me how much they loved me and were proud of me. Truly incredible. Homewood Backyard Wedding Homewood Backyard Wedding-13 Homewood Backyard Wedding 7Homewood Backyard Wedding 8 I arrived in style with my Mom and Dad driving me up in our 1956 hot rod green Chevy Pick Up truck and both of them walking me down the isle to the man of my dreams. Homewood Backyard Wedding-14 Homewood Backyard Wedding-16 We had the perfect wedding ceremony performed by our Pastor, and then we arrived in style together to reception as Mr. and Mrs. Frisk pulling up in the same green truck. Homewood Backyard Wedding 9 Homewood Backyard Wedding-19 Homewood Backyard Wedding 2 Homewood Backyard Wedding 6 Homewood Backyard Wedding-9 Homewood Backyard Wedding 4 Homewood Backyard Wedding-6 Homewood Backyard Wedding-12 Homewood Backyard Wedding-2 From a vacation home to a wedding reception. The summer was filled with yard work, landscaping, house painting, and more yard work. We were preparing for the most perfect wedding, ours. Homewood Backyard Wedding-22Randall and I decided to go with Food Stations instead of the traditional sit down dinner. We had wine barrels with custom granite tops and bar stools surrounding them. Our food stations included a mashed potato bar, the Frisk Farmerís Market Salad Bar, and a BBQ Slider station. Homewood Backyard Wedding 10 The weather was perfect, and she made me feel like a princess with every shot that she took. Homewood Backyard Wedding-20 Homewood Backyard Wedding-21 Homewood Backyard Wedding-17Homewood Backyard Wedding-18 Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors~ Photographer: Lauren Alisse Photography | Ceremony: St. Nicholas Episcopal Church | Reception: Bride's Parents Private Home | Catering: The Cheeseboard | Flowers: Family friend's Sue Boyle and Maggie Bowker | Music: John Thorpe at High Sierra Sounds