Every girl loves a manicure, and what better excuse is there to get the best of the best than a wedding day!? It's the day on which you'll want to look your best from fingers to toes, and that includes your nails! Well-groomed nails and the perfect shade of polish lends a classic, elegant look to every bride. Whether you opt for au natural, gel, shellac, or falsies, a cheery color or bit of sparkle brightens both your heart and your beauty! First Row: Sol Weddings | Butter London via Powder Rooms Second Row: Essie via Wedding Bee | White Lily Red Rose Third Row: Diva Nails | Ciaté Fourth Row: Chanel via Temptalia | Nail Fairytale With her heart in Paris and her feet in the sand, Laurie is a part-time pizza lover and full-time blogger-tutor-editor-fashionista who still believes in fairytales and happy endings.