West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-14This is a special one. Its the kind of wedding that truly overflows with love, from not only the couple but every single person that surrounded them on their big day. It was a glorious family affair planned by the couple and their wedding venue, West Shore Cafe. The details were inspired by the natural surrounds of Lake Tahoe and the couples laid-back personalities. Rachelle Derouin Photography was on hand to make sure not a moment of this magical day was missed, and you can see it all unfold below. lake tahoe wedding West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-5West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-18 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-7West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-2West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-8 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-10 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-9 rustic tahoe wedding West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-21 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-17 west shore tahoe wedding West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-20 lake tahoe wedding desserts West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-16 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-15 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-1 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-11 tahoe wedding photos West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-13 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-6 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-24 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-23 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-25 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-26 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-28 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-27 West-Shore-Cafe-Wedding-in-Tahoe-29 From Kristen, the bride ~ Were a laid back couple, and while both of our jobs require us to be the "go-to" person in many situations we tend to shy from the spotlight. Though somewhat tough to avoid during your own wedding, our personalities served as the guiding principals while we planned our big day. It was intended to be about getting together the most important people in our lives, while celebrating love and having fun at Lake Tahoe. Choosing a venue wasn't a tough once we settled on Lake Tahoe as our location. The West Shore Cafe was phenomenal to work with and the lawn setting is absolutely beautiful, not to mention perfectly situated right on the lake. We met and spend a lot of time in Mexico, so we opted for Mexican food served family style. West Shore worked out a menu for us that worked well with our long tables, guests easily shared and loved the food. We still get compliments! With a breath taking back drop, it didn't take much decor to create a beautiful and intimate environment for the celebration. Our goal was to complement the lawn at West Shore Cafe, we choose a very neutral palate - no specific color scheme - and kept things simple. We had seen Casey Shostag (our florist) work before and knew that she had the eye for what we were looking for - lots of neutral colors and elements of non-floral to tie in the natural surroundings. And in the end our flowers were one of our most favorite elements of the wedding. The ceremony faced the water and long tables around a dance floor created an intimate environment for dinner and dancing plus a single chandelier strewn across two trees highlighted the cocktail area making for the perfect location for our special day. Lake Tahoe Weding Vendors: Photographer: Rachelle Derouin Photography | Wedding Venue and Catering: West Shore Cafe and Inn | Florist: Second Nature Creations | Dress: Amy Kuschel