Ever wondered where the phrase "tying the knot" came from? Well, just recently, I learned about an ancient wedding ritual known as handfasting. An ancient Celtic tradition dating back to pre-Christian times, it involves binding the hands of the bride and groom with a cord or a ribbon. Handfasting was often used as a trial marriage, where a couple would be bound together for a year and a day, and at the end of that period decide if they wanted to get permanently married or separate. Today, many couples incorporate the act into traditional marriage ceremonies, as the physical binding together can provide meaningful symbolism to your vows. If you're thinking about incorporating handfasting into your own wedding day, read up here and here for more history and information! First Row: Aspect Photography via Green Wedding Shoes | Megan Keating Photography Second Row: BBC | Natalie Williams Photography via Weddingbee Third Row: Barbara Densmore Fourth Row: The Buchele Adventure | Weddingbee With her heart in Paris and her feet in the sand, Laurie is a part-time pizza lover and full-time blogger-tutor-editor-fashionista who still believes in fairytales and happy endings.