"To every lovely lady bright, I wish a gallant faithful knight; To every faithful lover, too, I wish a trusting lady true." -- Sir Walter Scott

The toasts and speeches time is one of my favorite parts of a wedding; I mean, what's not to like with funny quips and tasty drinks? Now, if it's anything like my little brother's wedding, there might be a lot of people with something to say . . . and that adds up to a lot of champagne! If you're not big on the bubbly, or you just want to shake things up a bit, do it! Literally! Make your drink as unique as your toast with a special twist - of citrus, flavor, or fun! First Row: Eric Hegwer via Photoshelter | The Little White Dress | Pink Preppy Lilly Lover Second Row: Marie Claire Third Row: Vincent Lai via Events by Nadia | Martha Stewart Weddings | Formal Fringe With her heart in Paris and her feet in the sand, Laurie is a part-time pizza lover and full-time blogger-tutor-editor-fashionista who still believes in fairytales and happy endings.