Behind the Lens with Scott Sikora Photography

For modern couples, the wedding photographer is perhaps the most important wedding vendor and, at Tahoe Unveiled, we truly present you with the best of the best. In this post, we go behind the lens with the very talented Scott Sikora of Scott Sikora Photography. Scott has a reputation for being easy going to work with, loving the love stories he gets to document, and, of course, taking stunning wedding photos. Scroll on to learn more about Scott and why even the most camera shy couples have a blast working with him.

What brings you the greatest joy in your life?

I get the most joy from loving the people around me – my family, friends, and everyone!

What brought you to Tahoe?

I moved to Tahoe when I was 9 because of my dad’s job. Later, I lived in Southern California for 8 years but moved back to Tahoe after Nichole and I got married and started having kids.

Tahoe lifestyle: winter or summer?

SUMMER!!! Summer is my jam! I love skiing, but I am a warm weather person for sure! Lake days, boating, paddleboarding, rafting. All the Tahoe Summer things!

If you weren’t a wedding photographer, what would you do?

I think I’d be some other form of artist. Or possibly real estate… or a pilot. 🙂

What inspires your work?

Definitely the couples I have the pleasure of capturing! I am so inspired by them and their families. Every couple is different. I love making them happy and comfortable and showing their authentic personalities! I’m also inspired by the natural light and beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe.

How would you describe the perfect day in Lake Tahoe?

No wind (ok, maybe a breeze), definitely sunny with some clouds, but not too many!

What are you most proud of?

I am 100% most proud of my wife and kids!

Who inspires you the most?

Whew, that’s a loaded question, but I would have to say God and my wife Nichole and my kids Kaia and Owen.

What is your life motto?

Take it easy, love others, don’t stress!

What was the most recent thing that made you laugh?

A funny video we were watching of my daughter Kaia.

Working in the wedding industry is not for the faint of heart. How do you rest and rejuvenate?

Honestly… I love love love shooting weddings. Photography is my form of art and I love interacting with people so it actually charges me. Editing however… that’s another story.

What is something people might not know about you?

I played competitive soccer for most of my life and at one time wanted to be an actor (hence why I lived in LA).

Any four-legged friends in your home?

Yep – our dog Ollie! We sometimes call him Rodent and it’s very fitting. He is a little rat terrier mix of some kind and he LOVES to burrow! We love him.

Readers, as you can tell, Scott genuinely loves what he does and where he lives… and his enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! To learn more about Scott Sikora Photography and book him for your wedding, check out his listing on our vendor guide.