Author: Ian Cook

Women in Business: Julia Szendrei Jewelry

One of the perks of doing what we do is rubbing shoulders with remarkable women, crushing it in their respective industries. One such woman who comes to mind is Julia Szendrei, the owner and artist of her namesake jewelry and the newest member of the Tahoe

Our Top 5 Wedding Dresses for 2022

One of the best things about wedding planning has to be dress shopping. What is there not to love about dress fittings, uninterrupted girl time, and champagne? But shopping for dresses also raises a few questions. Like what dress is right for you, what is

A Romantic Summer Love Affair at Olympic Valley Stables

Some of Lake Tahoe’s best wedding vendors came together to bring Heather and Davis’ romantic summer love affair to life. After postponing their wedding due to Covid and eloping in San Francisco, the couple finally had their fairytale wedding at the iconic Olympic Valley Stables. And believe us,

Ten Tips For Including Your Dog in Your Tahoe Wedding

There is nothing sweeter than a dog at a wedding. Who wouldn’t want to see a friendly golden retriever in a bow tie or an adorable border collie with a beautiful flower crown walking down the aisle to greet their owners? We can’t think of

The Many Hats of Moonlight Lace’s Natalie Mills

Natalie Mills wears many hats. Not only is she a bridal shop owner, but she can also add mother and world traveler to her impressive resume.  It all started back in 2015 when Natalie was engaged to the love of her life. As a result,

A Modern Minimalist Elopement in Lake Tahoe

What do you get when two high school sweethearts with a mutual love of the outdoors decide to get married? This breathtakingly beautiful Lake Tahoe elopement, of course! Candice and Matt’s spring elopement had all the elements of whimsy, romance, and nature. Think dramatic forest

Women in Business: Danielle and Emily from Sorella Apothecary

Are you of the opinion that you can feed your skin and treat your soul simultaneously? Then you’re in luck because today we’re talking skincare and entrepreneurship!  We interviewed the founders of Sorella Apothecary, a professional skincare line featured on our Marketplace. And we were surprised to

A Picture-Perfect Squaw Valley Stables Wedding

Kindyl and Chase met in 2014 while working together at a restaurant in Sacramento. As luck would have it, Chase was assigned to train Kindyl on her first day. What started as a friendship developed into something deeper in August of 2014. Since then, they

Women in Business: Stephanie Martin from One Fine Day Events

What do a boutique planning company, wedding vendor guide, and destination management company have in common? First, they’re all companies producing celebrations rooted in guest experiences. Second, they are all founded and owned by the dynamic Stephanie Martin. It all started when Stephanie was a

Romance at the Forefront Of This Picturesque Tahoe Elopement

The stars aligned when Chelsea and Drew’s paths crossed in college in a tiny Michigan town. They have since moved across the country together, followed by an engagement in September 2019. And like many other couples, they had a lot of conventional ideas about what