Airstream Dream at Your Tahoe Wedding

Vintage is such a hot trend right now and what is more vintage than an Airstream?! These silver bullets are for more than just driving and can add such a unique element to your wedding. They are especially fitting for a wedding in Lake Tahoe. Airstreams were made for adventures and Lake Tahoe is certainly a place filled with adventures. With the mountains, pine trees and wildflowers as your backdrop an Airstream fits right in to the mountain vibe.

The beauty of an airstream is there are so many ways you can incorporate it into your wedding. Use it as an area for the bride to get ready, and then for a first look photo. If your wedding party is too large to fit inside the Airstream consider parking up someplace shady and turning it into an outside picnic. Another way to use the Airstream is to incorporate it into your ceremony, maybe the bridal party exits the Airstream before walking down the aisle, or the band sets up with the Airstream as a backdrop. You can even repurpose it and use it at the reception! Some of our favorite ideas include a lounge area for guests (both in and out of the Airstream) as well as incorporating it into your dessert station (great for creative ideas such as a s’more or donut buffet).

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate it into your ceremony make sure you use it for photos. How gorgeous is the shot of the airstream in the field with the trees?! Show off your adventurous side as a couple and love for the outdoors with this down to earth idea!   


Couch in front of airstream John Robert Woods / Couple in Airstream Janelle Photography / Tin Can Monashee Photography / Moss in Trees Papered Heart Photography