Adding Vibrant Velvet to Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

Vintage and elegant, at Lake Tahoe weddings, velvet is where it’s at! Known historically for being worn by royals, velvet oozes class. Its dense, intense color is a bold choice but one we find really works for mountain weddings. The contrast to your white dress and the darker moodier colors of velvet with the mountains and the trees is a winning combination.

First and foremost: velvet furniture. Extra seating is always a good idea, especially in the mountains where the altitude and the elements can take a toll on your guests (especially your older guests). We are absolutely loving vintage velvet furniture as make shift outdoor lounge area. Get funky with your colors and couches and create a fun unique sitting corner. Next we suggest velvet accents. If you find a lot of velvet to be too overwhelming, try accenting some of your decorations with velvet. For example: velvet ribbons on flowers or velvet table runners. Even velvet ties or bow ties are a unique but elegant accent. If you’re looking to be a little bit bolder in your wedding choices, velvet bridesmaid dresses or hanging velvet tapestries is a stunning way to add color into your décor.

Vintage styles are very in at the moment and velvet is a great way to add a little bit of that vintage feel into your Tahoe wedding. Whether its bold velvet bridesmaid dresses or subtle velvet men’s bow ties, velvet adds something special to your wedding look.