Hina and Troy met in the most glamorous way, middle school. I will let Hina and Troy tell that part of their story.

When prompted with the question ‘how did you meet your wife’ Troy wrote; “Hina and I survived middle school together. We both saw each other in braces at that tender age when hormones ruled and our brains were constantly being rewired. Believe it or not, I had a crush on Hina then. We never ended up in one of those awkward, short-lived relationships, which ultimately was for the better, though I’m sure my middle-school self would disagree. But the reasons I liked her back then were for many of the reasons I love her today: her embrace of life with a smile on her face, her ability to bring people together, and of course for being the smartest in the class. Oh, and did I already mention hormones?”

When Hina was prompted the question ‘how did meet your husband’ she wrote “Hina – Troy was here, H.A.G.S – The Troy” This is the first documented piece of our relationship – his signature in our middle school yearbook – a note from a boy in hot-pink duct tape flip-flops to a girl in braces. One year later, his yearbook signature read “Hey Hina! We had some great times, all from the beginning of the year till now. We survived Lusk together and had a great time in P.E. The Bar/bat mitzvahs we went to together were awesome too! Hope you can go to my party, my backyard is awesome, so we’ll have a great time! — THE TROY ***-****”

Hina and Troy never dated throughout middle school and high school. It took them till after college to fully reconnect. Even with Hina going back and forth from San Francisco to Tokyo, they kept seeing each other, they took that as a sign that they should be together. So the couple went on a museum date, that turned into cocktails, that led to a party, that prompted In-N-Out, that finished with closing down a wine bar. From that night forward, Hina and Troy knew that they would be together forever. 

What is so unique about having a wedding in Tahoe, is that it is a destination and you and your guests can take a break from your busy lives and have some fun. The possibilities are endless! You could ski down the hill in-between the ceremony and reception in the chilly winter, or you could book a whole hotel and have a camp {your last name}. Hina and Troy opted for Camp Gibb with their friends and family. It started with a lovely classically modern wedding and ended with Paddleboard jousting. Yes, you read that right, paddle board Jousting. I of course asked Hina for the rules and will attach them at the end of this article for your future reference. 

This couple made an fantastic planning choice on having a Friday wedding. Now, most people are against having a Friday wedding. But Hina and Troy thought this was the best for their people. See Hina and Troy love hosting. As a matter of fact, this is one of their favorite things to do whether it’s an intimate dinner party or an entire wedding weekend. If you are like Hina and Troy and love quality time, a Friday wedding is a must! You may not have enough time to be in community with everyone who is at your wedding otherwise

Hina is half Japanese, and she wanted to honor her roots by arranging her flowers in the Ikebana style. Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement that emphasizes simplicity, balance, and harmony. An Ikebana arrangement is a carefully composed display of plant materials, and it follows specific principles and aesthetics. Ikebana floral arrangements are not only visually stunning but also rich in symbolism and cultural significance. They invite contemplation and appreciation of the beauty found in simplicity and balance, making them a meaningful art form and a captivating addition to Hina and Troy’s wedding. She opted to make them herself so that her wedding would be full of intentionality and unique details. 

Hina and Troy wanted this night to be the best party of their lives. To make this a reality, they put an emphasis on the band. Hina and Troy chose HIP service, a live 9 person band with amazing style. During the course of the night, Hina and Troy both had an outfit change, this is a Tahoe Unveiled favorite. Troy switched his black suit for a white one, giving him a classy yet fun look. Hina switched her long simple dress for a short lacy one. The couple came back into the reception with a bottle of champagne and surprised their guests with their outfits. They also had a special photoshoot that came out looking like a vogue editorial piece. Elsa Boscarello has a remarkable talent for capturing a moment and rendering it as beautifully as the emotions it evokes.

As promised here is the rules to paddleboard jousting! Here is the rules in Hina’s words “We did it tournament style and got 1:1 match offs of people. We would get them out on paddle boards, they would paddle out into the water (close enough to see but safe enough to fall) and would face each other. When the referee said “joust” they would paddle toward each other and try to knock each other off with the gripping end of the paddle (which was covered in foam for protection). The champion knight had to duel the king (the groom). We even got people from different parts of the lake in the audience to watch.”

Photography Elsa Boscarello / Venue North Tahoe Event Center / Caterer Roundabout / Day of Coordinator Reno Tahoe Enchanted Events / Music Hip Service (full band) / Hair and Make La Di Da Beauty / Transportation Tahoe Elite