A Videographer's Tips for a Stunning Wedding Film

Wedding films have come a long way in the last 20 years. Once regarded as either a luxury or an afterthought, they now stand right alongside photos as the most enduring aspect of a wedding. Of course, the ceremony and reception setting will heavily influence a wedding’s imagery and, here in Lake Tahoe, we have a variety of world-class, stunning landscapes ready to star in your day.

But even with the surrounding natural beauty, all Lake Tahoe wedding films are not created equal. Being a wedding videographer requires equal parts artistry, ingenuity, and discretion (an invisible presence is key), and couples and fellow vendors alike all rave about Davey Hibler. His gorgeous wedding films speak for themselves, but we wanted to ask him a few questions anyway. Namely, how should couples work with their wedding videographer to get a stunning wedding film? Here’s what Davey had to say.

Lighting, lighting, and… did I mention lighting??

First and foremost, lighting is an incredibly important component of a wedding film. I always recommend that a couple choose their ceremony time wisely and based around the lighting. Shade is the absolute best for photos/video, so couples should keep that in mind. I think every couple – when possible – should spend some time at their venue, getting comfortable there, and learning where the sun sits. I can also provide recommendations based on my experience at various venues.

Ironically, audio allows me to represent the day in the video.

I really love when I have a wedding that has amazing audio pieces. I use a very discreet lav mic on the groom to capture the vows and almost every time this gets used in my video. For the couples that don’t want to write their own vows, I really recommend writing letters to each other to read in private before the ceremony. These words are so special and will only happen once in a lifetime. Voicing your emotions makes the video unique and special to each couple.

First looks are intimate.

Now, not every couple wants to do a first look. Many choose to have that first reveal shared down the aisle with their friends and family – and that is completely okay! It really is an individual choice. But, if you’re on the fence about doing a first look, it is usually something I recommend. Oftentimes, it is the only part of the day that is private for the couple. It might be the only real alone time they get the whole day and I love to offer that to couples that want it! In all honesty, my first look was my favorite part of my own wedding day. We were both so glad we got some alone time to share with each other.

Time is so precious!

It is very important to schedule your timeline with some wiggle room. Let’s be honest, most weddings do not run on time! For video, it takes some time to set up all of my cameras and make sure the audio equipment is up and recording. Allowing a grace window of 10-15 minutes between each event really makes my job a lot easier. The more time I have, the more things I can film, which in the end will yield a better video for you. I love helping clients with their timelines. It really ensures that nothing will be missed, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help with that!

Want to learn more about Davey Hibler? He has been creating wedding films since 2014 and travels the world to capture weddings, but calls Lake Tahoe home. To learn more about Davey and see more examples of his work, visit his Tahoe Unveiled vendor profile and portfolio website.