A Smoky Mountain Top Wedding in South Lake Tahoe

Ellen and Adam invited us to be a part of their special day by giving us insight into how they shared their private nuptials. This charming and energetic couple hiked to a secret lake hidden within the Sierra Nevada mountains located in South Lake Tahoe. In mid-October, California is in the midst of its Indian Summer which can unfortunately mean the occasional wildfire. Luckily for this couple, the wildfires added to this smoky and wildly dramatic landscape that VILD Photography captured perfectly. To accent the great outdoors, Ellen created her bouquet of anemones, roses, ivy, and eucalyptus, and the results were gorgeous.

In an elopement, the bride’s dress takes center stage and this gown by Mia Solano is a stunner. VILD showcases the intricate details of the dress, from the crystals on the front to the long glamorous train, and we are genuinely captivated. Katie White at Salon Be created a classic and elegant hair and makeup look for Ellen that not only looked remarkable but survived the hike!

After sharing their vows, the couple scouted for the perfect peak to have a photoshoot and champagne toast. While on their way to Tahoe, the flight attendants found out they were getting married and gave them a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Neither Ellen and Adam enjoy champagne and instead decided to passionately spray it into the air to celebrate!

As the day changed to night, this couple got back into their hiking gear and headed down the mountain just as the moon started to rise. Lake Tahoe continues to amaze us with its beauty. Congratulations to Ellen and Adam on their big day!

VILD Photography / Mia Solano / Katie White at Salon Be