A Lake Tahoe Wedding That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

June 13th was the perfect summer day for a wedding on Lake Tahoe; great weather, no clouds and the sun sparkled against the blue waters. With wedding planning and design by Summit Soiree, Katie and Erik’s vision for their big day was perfectly executed. The couple opted for an elegant theme mixed with dark wood farm tables and chairs from Camelot Party Rentals. The bouquets and floral arrangements focused on greens and creamy whites, while incorporating fern leaves and branches; everything tied in very well with the natural backdrop at the Glenbrook Club. The adorable couple pledged their love to each other along the lake creating an elegant scene. And the two flower girls dressed in turquoise fairy wings with woven flower crowns dropped rose petals before Katie’s awaited walk down the aisle. We are incredibly lucky that one of our favorite destination wedding photographers, Virgil Bunao Photography was there to capture all the precious details of the day. KatieandErik-50102KatieandErik-50309KatieandErik-50086KatieandErik-50308KatieandErik-50072KatieandErik-50311KatieandErik-50054KatieandErik-50084563a770530614$!x900KatieandErik-50321KatieandErik-50149KatieandErik-50328KatieandErik-50331KatieandErik-50095KatieandErik-50337KatieandErik-50174KatieandErik-50271KatieandErik-50306KatieandErik-50342KatieandErik-50299KatieandErik-50293KatieandErik-50295KatieandErik-50291KatieandErik-50367KatieandErik-50285KatieandErik-50282KatieandErik-50135KatieandErik-50128KatieandErik-50123KatieandErik-50117KatieandErik-50376 From the photographer, Virgil Bunao~ I’ve been to the Lake Tahoe area before, and luckily for me, it was another wedding I worked on previously with Summit Soiree (they have some of the best brides!). I seriously had a huge case of the blues after leaving the area; Lake Tahoe is just brilliant and the landscape is a photographer’s dream. When Summ
it Soiree informed me that I had an inquiry to do photography for Katie and Erik’s big day in Glenbrook, I was extremely overjoyed and so pumped to head back.
I arrived in Glenbrook on a Wednesday, left on Monday, and was able to cram all of the festivities and the scenery in that short amount of time. Katie and Erik and their families met up with me, and they were such good folk. Their rehearsal dinner was in the midst of the beautiful nature scenes of Lake Tahoe with such a laid-back feel. Their wedding was no different. The day was as perfect as it could be; great weather, no clouds, and the sun was shining off of the surface of the blue waters. Katie and Erik chose to have their ceremony in front of the lake and from every angle, there was a perfect shot.Their design elements was the ideal accompaniment to the surroundings. They incorporated greens and creamy whites, fern leaves and branches and rustic browns and tans; everything tied in very well with the nature scene at the Glenbrook Club. Ashlie and Heather from Summit Soiree did a great job at executing the vision Katie and Erik had for their wedding day, and I had a blast photographing it and especially Mr. and Mrs. Mcdonald. They made my stay in Lake Tahoe another wonderful experience, and it was a treat on its own to be in such a beautiful place, helping beautiful people make new memories.

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