A Colorful and Virtually Connected Tahoe Elopement

Jessa and Bryan are two competitive athlete/coaches who orbited each other professionally for a long time and have the sweetest love story. Suffice it to say that Bryan harbored a crush on Jessa for FOUR YEARS before the timing was right to bring this beautiful couple together!

With that kind of patience, it’s no surprise that they weathered their Covid-19 wedding challenges like champs and planned an epic elopement that included the very best of Tahoe while still remotely including their family and friends.

Jessa and Bryan rented a stylish AirBnB and started the day together with a virtual barre class – part of their covid quarantine routine. They then grabbed coffee and walked around the West Shore before venturing to South Lake Tahoe to pick up their flowers and cake.

Back at the cabin, they both got ready, with Jessa FaceTiming her parents for a “first look” while Bryan called his mom. Kris and Dee Photography arrived and photographed the couple’s own first look, recording it on Facebook Live so that family and friends could share in this very special moment.

Hiking to a romantic location overlooking Emerald Bay and Cascade Lake, Jessa and Bryan were married by Meredith Richmond in a warm and authentic ceremony, followed by a first dance to Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” – also shared on Facebook Live. After the ceremony, they retreated to Sugar Pine State Park for a magical Tahoe sunset, eating cake and champagne on the dock while watching a recorded video of blessings from family and friends.

Readers, if you are looking for an example of keeping an elopement intimate and sweet while allowing loved ones to be virtually by your side, let Jessa and Bryan be your guides. And no matter how long it took for their romance to come together, their wedding day was undoubtedly right on time!