8 Reasons You Should Have a Morning Wedding in Lake Tahoe

Convention might have you leaning toward a late-afternoon wedding that seamlessly bleeds into a night of dinner, drinks and dancing. But convention’s conventional, and you’re a unique bride. Here are 8 reasons why you should opt to have your Lake Tahoe wedding in the morning.

1. Sparkly donuts!

…And other fun food ideas that aren’t as $$$ as your typical dinner dish. We’re talking cereal bars serving all your childhood faves, as well as pancake and omelette stations.

2. Breakfast-themed wedding cakes!

You can opt for something a little more unique and breakfasty, like a blueberry or cinnamon roll cake.

3. Fun appetizers!

Hello, mini stacks of pancakes and bite-size donuts with OJ.

4. Better lighting

You won’t feel rushed after the ceremony to catch the last of the natural light for your professionally-taken photos. Most importantly, this means you won’t have to skip cocktails to squeeze-in time for the photo session, and you can take your time enjoying the post-ceremony buzz with your friends, family and NEW HUSBAND.

5. Save money on lights

Morning weddings don’t require any use of decorative lighting, and while fairy lights add whimsy and charm, they are an additional cost you could find relief in not having to spend. Instead, string up pinatas!

6. Less time for Pre-Wedding Jitters

If you’re the anxious type, a morning wedding is for you. By doing the ceremony within hours of waking, you get the jitters out of the way early, so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your special day to the fullest.

7. More time to enjoy “the best part”

The best part of weddings is what comes after the ceremony: the mingling, the reflecting, the imbibing, and the dancing. Morning weddings mean you can enjoy “the best part” much longer.

8. More departure flight flexibility

Since most of your friends and family will probably be flying in for your Lake Tahoe wedding, holding it in the morning offers more options for their departure flights. A Saturday night wedding makes Sunday morning flights risky, while they’re much more doable if you’re married Saturday morning instead.