8 of Our Favorite Trends for 2018

Creative weddings are so in for 2018! Happy couples-to-be are planning weddings that have casual elements, but remain elegant. The weddings of today are very personal to the couple and ignore conventional elements. Of all the trends of 2018, here are our nine favorite:

Hanging florals

Tables are getting a huge facelift as flowers take to the sky. Hanging floral arrangements add a stylish layer and unexpected height to your reception. It’s also another great way to incorporate your theme or color pallet throughout the party.

Uncoordinated Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids dresses that are cohesively un-coordinated. In 2017, it became trendy for bridesmaid’s dresses to be miss-matched and the trend continues with even more variety in 2018. They don’t have to be the same style, material, or color but are all coordinated by the same theme or color pallet.

Candid Photography

2018 favors candid wedding shots of emotional moments versus posed picture arrangements. Photographers are capturing moments of conversation and laughter between party members. It’ll give you some great shots to share that are more interesting and real than traditional wedding shots!

Interesting Colors

Interesting colors to match your interesting invitations is trending for 2018. A diverse color palette is being used in decor as well as in bouquets, and even for wedding dresses. Nothing is off limits for 2018!

Destination, Destination, Destination

Weddings of 2018 are being held at beautiful destinations…like Lake Tahoe! Ceremonies and receptions are being taken outside of four walls and highlighting the incredible backdrops of incredible destinations.

Creative Invitations

Simple, paper invitations are a thing of the past. Now, invitations feature themes of the wedding, such as color or flowers, and incorporate interesting textiles such as velvet, suede, and linen. Invitations of 2018 provide a preview of the wedding for guests.

Gold and Back Invitations

Custom, Custom, Custom

Custom bars and custom lounges are in for this year! Make cozy corners and chic landscapes for your reception so that guests feel comfortable and welcome. Mix up tables and seating options. Keep people on their toes…or allow them to kick back where they want!

Invite Nature In

Greenery and elements from nature have been very popular, but elevate it for 2018 by intertwining lights, candles, or other decor with them. Another popular element of nature to incorporate is seasonal fruit! It’s colorful and sweet, and is a simple way to enhance tables or even your cake!