8 Cake Traditions to Complete your Tahoe Wedding

Wedding cake, a delicious, beautiful, key detail of every weddings. But how did wedding cake come to be and where did these traditions of cutting cake come from? As Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat cake” here are your wedding cake questions answered!

1. Save the top tier

Traditionally, the top tier was saved for the couple’s first child’s christening, but since folks these days seem to be waiting longer, nowadays simply store it in your freezer to defrost and enjoy on your one-year wedding anniversary.

2. Hide charms inside

Today, charms are attached to ribbons guests pull out to reveal something meaningful. For example, a highchair symbolizes a baby on the way, a heart symbolizes true love, a ring symbolizes an upcoming engagement, and an anchor symbolizes adventure.

3. Feed each other

Feeding each other a small bite of cake is actually the second part of the cake-cutting ceremony. But time has evolved this tradition, a symbol of the commitment to provide for one another eternally, to be more of a cake “smoosh.” Smooshing cake into each other’s faces isn’t for every couple, but some opt in because it adds playfulness.

4. Cut the cake together

Historically, brides did this alone because it symbolized her loss of virginity, but joint cake-cutting has come to represent the first activity you and your new husband do as a married couple. Make sure the groom’s hands are above yours, and cut from the bottom tier up.

5. Stack it up

Dating back to medieval times, cakes have been stacked to test a couple’s longevity. If the cake didn’t topple when they bent over it to kiss, they were said to be destined for a happy marriage.

6. Keep it white

Pre-food coloring, cakes were white because sugar’s white, but white cakes were also a symbol of money and social importance in Victorian times. Why? Because the fine white sugar used for the icing was extremely expensive. The lighter the cake, the wealthier the family family appeared.

7. Have a groom’s cake

Groom’s cakes usually contrast the actual wedding cake by being darker in color. Originally, they were a dense fruitcake, and they were given to guests as favors. Guests then put a slice under their pillow, with the superstition they would dream of their future spouse.

8. Take the first bite

It’s common practice for the bride to take the first bite because then she’s said to be made highly fertile.