7 Wedding Disasters and How To Avoid Them

As Murphy’s Law states: If something can go wrong, it will. And we’re sorry to say, your wedding is no exception! While we would never ill wish anything for your big day, it’s always best to be prepared. So here are 8 common disasters and how to prepare for them.

Forgetting/Losing Important Things

You get down the aisle, say your ‘I Dos’ and go for the rings… except no one has the rings. The same thing could happen for your vows, your marriage license, or any other important documents needed day of. It’s easy to get these things lost within the hustle of pre-wedding activities and all of the people running around you. Make sure all your important things are stowed away in a safe spot and make copies of documents to give to your maid of honor, best man, and planner.

No Parking for Guests

Parking is a sore subject on Tahoe streets. The summer is easier on extra cars, but winter has a very strict set of parking regulation because of snow removal. Make sure your venue will have enough spots for everyone. If it doesn’t, you will have to figure out where guests can park and how to transport them to the venue. Venues with limited parking usually have an overflow lot, but they might be far, so make sure guests will have transportation between the two. Another very important thing to keep in mind is to not let anyone from your party drink and drive. As unsafe as it is in a town with straight roads, it’s 100x worse in the mountains. Consider hiring shuttles to make it easier on your guests for both getting to the wedding and the after party. For winter weddings, guests traveling in from out of town should be educated on road conditions and urged to give themselves plenty of extra time to get to Tahoe.

The Power’s Out

Everything is running great, until there’s a power outage. Keep your guests from milling around in the quiet dark by ensuring that you have a backup generator. Especially with outdoor weddings, generators are key to a smoothly running service and reception. Make sure you understand the capacities of venue, make sure they can handle your DJ’s equipment, or ask if they have accessible power outside.

Wedding Crashers

In the words of Grace from Netflix’s Grace and Frankie season 1, episode 9, “remember there will always be four more guests than have RSVP-ed.” Talk with your planner and caterers to make sure that you will have extra room and food for those unexpected guests. Don’t let it get to you. If anything take it as a compliment – they really wanted to be a part of your big day!

Someone’s on Tahoe Time

Talk with you planner and make sure there is wiggle room in your timeline, because no matter how hard you try, there will always be one person in your bridal party that is running late. Same is true of vendors – no matter how many times you confirm the time with them, there is always a chance that they will run late due to unforeseen circumstances. Make sure you have good contact information for everyone involved just in case.

Oh The Weather Outside Is….

If your wedding is outside, get prepared for any type of weather. Spring, summer, and fall in Tahoe are ALL susceptible to heat waves, wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and even snow. Don’t underestimate the heat of the mid-day sun mid. Make sure that guests will be comfortable by providing shade or water. Umbrellas and blankets are an easy thing to have on hand for last minute wind or rain. Talk to your venue and see if they have blankets or mats (for the wet ground) available for your use. Talk with vendors during the planning process for back up plans, and maybe keep the name of a tent rental in your pocket. Weather can also make for some pretty amazing and unique pictures (think veils blowing in the wind or dramatic light popping through dark clouds). In the end, just embrace it!

The Completely Unavoidable:Embarrassing Moments

Let’s face it, a room of your family and closest friends and alcohol…there’s going to be some sharing of stories. Whether it’s the best man’s speech or your mom telling your birth story to your work buddies, there is going to be some sharing of privy, embarrassing moments. The good thing: it’s all in good faith. Everyone has come to celebrate the happiness of you and your beaux and have nothing but love. Just laugh it off and be grateful for a honeymoon’s worth of time to let the jokes die down.

While it’s important to be prepared for anything and it’s often easy to get swept up in the details, remember that this day is about love and celebrating you and your partner. Remember to have fun! Plus most disasters turn into the best stories. It may take a while but we reckon after a bit of time any disaster that does happen will eventually be a favorite tale everyone can look back on with a laugh.