6 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Wedding Florist

Everyone will agree that flowers and weddings go together like old friends. That’s why it’s essential to hire a florist who understands your vision for your big day! But how do you know if a florist will be a good fit? And what factors can affect the cost of your arrangements? Luckily, Brandie Chisholm, owner and lead designer of B&B Designs, knows all the answers! In this post, she shares 6 things you should know before hiring a wedding florist. 

1.You should have an overall idea of your theme and style 
Although you may not know all of the details, that is ok; that is what your florist will walk you through. However, it is important to know your venue and what type of theme or design you would like to embellish the location. If you know the design you want, you can seek florists with a similar style. Keep in mind, that some florists may be great at altering their style to fit the needs of their clients, while others may only use one type of design. 

2. Are you looking for a florist or a floral designer
A florist can certainly arrange flowers; however, a floral designer will put an artistic touch on every aspect of your wedding theme. I know it may be more tempting to go with the lower quote when it comes to the final price, but remember that you get what you pay for. A floral designer is typically specialized in weddings. When comparing websites and social media outlets and looking at past wedding work, you should get a sense of the differences in the styles and attention to detail.

3. What you think something may cost isn’t always what it seems 
There are so many factors that a florist has to consider when figuring out the cost of each arrangement. Just because one centerpiece may be large and the other small does not mean that the small arrangement will be less expensive than the large one. Things to consider are what flowers and greenery are used in each arrangement. If the flowers are in season, the demand for that type of flower, even what is happening in the world or with the weather during that time can all affect the cost of your arrangements. The cost of flowers following 2020 has greatly risen, for many of the same reasons your items at the grocery store have risen. Many couples think that a garland will be less expensive because it is made of greenery. However, the cost of greenery can add up quite quickly. When you factor in the extra labor involved, it is quite expensive.

 4. Have an idea of your floral budget and how much flex you have on that budget
When talking to your florist, you should have an idea of what your floral budget is and how much you are willing to go over that budget. Most couples underestimate the cost of flowers and don’t leave enough in their budget to create their vision. A great floral designer can help alter the creation to maintain the vision and bring them closer to their budget. Also, couples don’t always realize that a higher guest count means more tables, centerpieces, or having a large bridal party requires more bouquets and boutonnieres. If you have a tight budget, you may want to consider limiting your guest list. Another budget-buster can be the shape of your tables. Typically, a rectangle table will require multiple arrangements rather than a single arrangement on a round table.

5. Don’t delay in hiring your dream florist 
Most florist designers receive daily inquiries and interview couples the same way you are interviewing florists. There are times when a florist may have multiple proposals out for the same date, hoping one of them will book. When you find a florist that fits your needs and style, don’t hesitate to reserve them for your special day; otherwise, they may no longer be available. Unfortunately, we cannot always wait, and the longer it takes for you to respond, the less interested we think you are.

6. You chose your floral specialist for a reason, trusting what they do

After all of your research, conversations, seeing visuals of what your florist can do, and knowing their expertise; it is now time to trust in your floral designer to bring your vision to life. I personally have found that my best success comes from the freedom and trust I receive from my couples. We all have the same goal: to create the most beautiful event that will be a highlight your guests will talk about for years to come.

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