6 Reasons The Traveling Photo Booth Will Make Your Tahoe Wedding!

There’s no doubt about it–your friends and family are going to make lasting memories at your Lake Tahoe wedding. And what better way to ensure they have a token of the special day than with The Traveling Photo Booth‘s photos. For the past four years, Jesse and Lindsay Hildebrandt of The Traveling Photo Booth have been infusing weddings with that much more fun. The couple started out working from their one bedroom apartment at Squaw Valley, but they relocated to Reno after their photo booths took off–they now serve the Sacramento area, too–and they had two children. When Jesse and Lindsay aren’t working, you can find them doing what all Reno/Tahoe locals do best: skiing, snowboarding, playing softball, camping, hiking, and hanging by the beach.

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6 Reasons The Traveling Photo Booth Makes Tahoe Weddings:

1. It fosters lasting memories: You’ll find something new and entertaining each time you look at your book of photos. It’s sure to become a wedding highlight…that isn’t the chicken dance. And for those who can’t remember the night’s events, The Traveling Photo Booth’s got their back. 2. You can INSTANTLY text your photos and Animated GIFs through the booth, adding personalized messages. This way those both near and far can see just how much mischief, I mean fun, you’re up to.


3. It brings overwhelming joy: It’s hard to keep track of everyone at weddings, and The Traveling Photo Booth is the most fun way to see how much your friends and family are enjoying themselves. TTPB captures all the smiles, and it’ll make you go weak at the knees laughing.

4. It brings guests together: Sure, there’s the beautiful ceremony and delicious food, but what really helps break the ice between guests who may have never met is The Traveling Photo Booth. Before you know it, Naughty Aunt Sarah and Crazy Cousin Bob will be pecking each other on the cheek while wearing giant sunglasses and flamingo hats.

5. It keeps kids entertained: Whether you’re 4-years-old or have lived some nine decades, you’ll go gaga over The Traveling Photo Booth. The booth’s a great way to keep kids (and kids-at-heart) entertained for hours, and to help them remember the day. Nobody forgets a TTPB moment!

6. It adds a little something unique: Guests will be talking about their turn in The Traveling Photo Booth for years to come, recalling the belly laughs and how they were able to release their inner kid.