20 Things Wedding Guests Hate

There is no doubt about it, your guests are going to have a good time at your Lake Tahoe wedding. BUT, they may not tell you their true feelings about the day and sometimes, they have great feedback. We’ve gathered that feedback and created a list of things to be aware of when planning your Lake Tahoe wedding.

  1. A long gap between the ceremony and reception
  2. Food served more than 45 minutes after the reception starts
  3. Long restroom lines
  4. Long bar lines because you don’t have one bartender per 50-60 guests
  5. Too many slow or fast dances
  6. Too many long, or just too many, period, speeches
  7. Not enough food
  8. No post-dancing, midnight snack
  9. Confusing table assignments, or none at all, and no seating arrangement
  10. Outdoor weddings when it’s too cold
  11. Newlyweds who don’t make an effort to go around the tables saying “hi”
  12. Cash bar
  13. No signage or itinerary saying where to go when
  14. Not enough chairs, unless the ceremony’s short and you’ve forewarned guests
  15. No dress code
  16. Too specific a dress code
  17. Late invites–guests need time to plan, too
  18. Venting brides who talk about the stresses of wedding planning
  19. No microphones at the ceremony
  20. Conflict with a big event, like a major sports game

Weddings are meant to be fun! Use this list to avoid these mistakes and make your wedding one your guests will be raving about for years.