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Swooning over this precious wedding and video from Reel Eyes Media at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe and designed by Elise Events.

Planning & Design: Elise Events | Videographer: Reel Eyes Media | Hair: Kari Addison Beautiful | Makeup: Kari Addison Beautiful | Music: HIP Entertainment | Flowers: Art in Bloom | Dress: Marina Morrison Bridal Salon | Dress Designer: Carolina Herrera | Men’s | Suit: Wilkes Bashford Store | Suit Designer: Zegna | Invitations: Paper Caper (in Burlingame, CA) | Wedding Day Paper Goods: Forever HeyDay | Rentals:  La Tavola, BluePrint Studios, Classic Party Rentals | Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe

From the Bride:
After growing up 20 minutes from each other, but only meeting after being on Match.com, Erika and Elisa knew they were meant to be together. While dating, Tahoe became a go-to place to get away from the Bay Area, relax and be together. It was an easy decision, once engaged, to choose Tahoe as a destination wedding.

When thinking about the type of wedding they wanted, Erik and Elisa knew they wanted it to be a big weekend of celebration that was fun and felt intimate. Fall is their favorite month and planning kicked off once they reserved the Ritz-Carlton in Tahoe for a special October weekend. Quickly after, Elisa and Erik chose Elise Events to help them pull off their vision for a special weekend and fall wedding.

Danielle from Elise Events helped us select the BEST vendors, from makeup with Kari Addison Beautiful to photos with Theilen Photography, flowers with Art in Bloom, and video with Reel Eyes Media. We couldn’t have asked for better people to surround ourselves with and help pull of the big day. Danielle also helped coordinate the rehearsal dinner at Martis Camp, which was a beautiful setting in which to start the weekend.

Personal touches included blankets to keep everyone warm during the ceremony, use of the bride’s mom’s lace from her wedding dress in the chuppah, moscow mules in copper mugs (the bride and groom’s favorite drink!) during cocktail hour, a doughnut bar (the groom’s favorite!) in the evening for folks to take with them after the wedding. These touches, along with a beautiful ceremony, helped make it a weekend to remember.

We love looking at our album now and remembering what a special weekend it was. Having Elise Events allowed us to enjoy and be present in the weekend with our family and friends. We were worry-free and, to this day, are thankful for the wonderful support we had during our wedding weekend.

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Well, this one pretty much sums up a classic Tahoe barn wedding with boho elements mixed in. Set at the Squaw Valley Stables, it’s got stunning bouquets, cowgirl boots, and… a teepee! Check out the gallery by annie X photographie to see just how perfectly the style fits into their beautiful wedding day.

Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1654_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman533_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman099_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman152_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman141_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman486_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman138_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman236_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman250_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman280_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman503_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman962_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman850_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman808_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman938_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman956_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman346_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1016_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman337_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1119_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1170_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1190_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1188_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1520_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1286_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1637_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1674_low Roy_Schulman_annieXphotographie_anniexSchulman1688_low

Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Photographer:  annie X photographie | Venue: Squaw Valley Stables | Dress Store: Anna Be Bridal Boutique | Dress Designer: BHLDN | Band: Hip Service | Event Planner: Hunter & Company, Event Planning and Design | Makeup Artist: Kiss & makeup | Makeup Artist: Kiss & Makeup | Makeup Artist: Kiss and Makeup | Floral Designer: Lavish Floral | Caterer: Roundabout Catering | Hair Stylist: Salon Bella Vita  | Dress Designer: Tara LaTour

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With a few close friends and family this sweet couple from Atlanta exchanged vows at the Hyatt Regency lake Tahoe. The garden at the Hyatt Regency in Incline Village was a perfect fall wedding setting with the leaves changing and warm light.


Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian462_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian022_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian038_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian015_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian105_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian164_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian152_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian064_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian082_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian139_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian068_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian069_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian193_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian224_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian237_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian247_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian255_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian295_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian298_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian315_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian371_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian451_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian463_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian478_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian510_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian524_low

Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Photographer:  annie X photographie | Event Venue: Hyatt Regency lake Tahoe | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: JCrew | Officiant: Rev. David Beronio

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Matt and Kim’s wedding took place at the beautiful PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn. The bride had a vision filled with lots of personal touches that included: destination escort card and table cards, a Star Wars poster with the couple superimposed into the scene, custom invitations and save the date cards, as well as a corkboard collage of memories. To help bring her vision to life, she knew she needed Elise Events, who then brought on some of the most talented and trustworthy Lake Tahoe wedding vendors: Photographer, Drozian Photoworks; Floral Designer, B&B Designs; and Makeup Artist, Kiss & Makeup.


Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks035_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks004_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks023_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks040_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks005_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks007_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks025_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks027_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks028_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks033_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks029_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks013_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks079_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks017_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks069_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks064_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks052_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks077_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks068_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks080_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks034_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks053_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks071_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks062_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks092_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks103_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks101_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks104_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks107_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks115_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks044_low Klinedinst_Miller_DrozianPhotoworks_KimandMattWeddingDrozianPhotoworks043_low


At Kim and Matt’s engagement session they replicated the dipping shot of Han and Leia on the poster from Empire Strikes Back that they then turned into a poster that they used at the wedding.




Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Photographer: Drozian Photoworks | Floral Designer: B&B Designs | Hair Stylist: Bella Vita Tahoe | DJ: DJ Brock | Wedding Planner: Elise Events | Makeup Artist: Kiss & Makeup, Makeup Studio | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Nordstrom | Wedding Venue: PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn

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Sunflower and Navy Blue Wedding in Truckee

Sunflowers and navy blue details set the scene for this mountain wedding at PJ’s at Gray’s Crossing in Truckee, CA. This country club overlooks a beautiful wooded valley with a golf course weaved discreetly through the trees, making the venue a perfect blend of beauty and accoutrements.




Leya and Chris have family in Northern California so a destination wedding was the best way to include their loved ones and enjoy the gorgeous Sierras that they missed so much after moving to Kentucky.


Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris01_low Bland_Wood_annieXphotographie_anniexphotoKateandBrian015_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris47_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris62_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris120_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris446_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris130_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris133_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris169_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris143_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris115_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris236_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris266_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris286_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris378_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris369_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris466_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris453_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris433_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris465_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris458_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris454_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris473_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris517_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris420_low Gaynor_Ramey_DaveShillingPhotography_TahoeMountainClubWeddingLeyaandChris382_low


From the Bride, Leya ~
When Chris proposed to me in August 2015, it didn’t take us very long to decide that Lake Tahoe would be the perfect location to become husband and wife. Even though we currently live in Lexington, KY, our “home” is the West Coast. I grew up in the Bay Area and Chris spent much of his childhood in Coos Bay, OR. Planning a destination wedding where you select your venue and vendors based on how well the FaceTime conversation went is not ideal, but in this case, everything clicked.PJ’s at Gray’s Crossing was the perfect spot for our late summer wedding date. The ceremony location had a clear view of Mt. Rose in the background and the reception location,surrounded by towering pine, pulled the modern rustic vibe together. We worked with Stephanie of Stephanie Teague Events to bring our Lake Tahoe wedding dreams to life. Mike from Mr. DJ Services set the tone with the music for every memorable moment of the night and Dave from Dave Shilling Photography  was a perfect fit for us and our guests, so much so that many forgot he was snapping the night away. From the gorgeous sunflower and wildflower bouquets to the birch tree cake, Stephanie and her team of vendors took what was a sampling of Pinterest ideas and pulled it together to give us newlyweds a magical night in the mountains.


Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Photographer: Dave Shilling Photography | Cake Designer: Ettore’s | Linens and Coverings: La Tavola Fine Linen | Floral Designer: Flourish | Makeup Artist: Hello Glam | DJ:Mike Jones DJ | Event Venue: PJ’s at Gray’s Crossing | Event Planner: Stephanie Teague Events

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Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Wedding



From gorgeous florals to breathtaking lake views, this day is chock full of the great stuff. Held at the Hyatt Regency on the shores of Lake Tahoe, the bride and groom honored their love amongst friends and family. See how beautifully the day was through the images by annie X photographie.

The bride describes her day below…

The inspiration behind our wedding was really this gorgeous place (Lake Tahoe) we fell in love with last year and decided to move to together. The color palette evolved, but I knew I wanted to bring the outside in, so light greens, ivory, subtle purples to be the gentle pop of color and blue suits for the men. We had my husband’s grandfather do the ceremony, he’s a bit more traditional than we are, so we tried to respect that in our ceremony and allow him to bring in aspects of his faith while also combining them with our own.


DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason125_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason069_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason037_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason214_low


Christina, from A Bud & Beyond, really took the cake on the decor. She handled everything from the florals to the decor. It was wonderful having it all from one experienced and professional vendor. She sent me linen swatches and images of centerpieces she was using for inspiration, and just took my vision and perfected it. We had textured light green linens, floral centerpieces with these beautiful rusted, gold hued vases that matched the votives for the tea lights really well, and gold chargers. There was a lush table runner on the head table, sprigs in all the napkins. The only “DIY” addition were custom M&Ms with mine and Jason’s names on them, that we bagged and had placed on the tables. It was a really cute! We also provided flip flops for the ladies to kick their heels off and dance.


DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_7142017LizzyJason887_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_7142017LizzyJason888_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason718_low


Our florals were gorgeous and a huge part of the overall style of our wedding. Even my bridesmaids’ dresses had a subtle floral print on them, which was a perfect guide to the color scheme I wanted. I loved my cascading bouquet, the gentle floral additions in the men’s boutonnieres. Instead of having an alter, we had two big urns overflowing with lovely florals that were on theme with the rest of the decor. Our cake was trimmed with some greenery, and even my dog’s leash had a green vine wrapped around it (he was in the wedding). Every other row of seating had greenery cascading down the aisle seat, and we had the most adorable flower boy.


DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason580_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason540_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason562_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason642_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason303_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason030_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason919_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_7142017LizzyJason1388_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_7142017LizzyJason1372_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_7142017LizzyJason1957_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason1256_low


I really wanted an elegant dress, and hair/make-up that made me look like I belonged in such an elegant dress. I’m typically outdoorsy, and don’t get dressed up a lot, so I wanted to feel like a princess on this day. My dress had a multi-layered, multi-length, wavy tulle skirt with a fitted lace and beaded v-neck bodice. The back of my dress was stunning; sheer, patterned lace with buttons on the back of the bodice, and a flowy train. I also wore a long veil that flowed into the skirt.

My husband wore a handsome slim-fitted blue suit, white shirt, brown shoes and a soft green-colored tie and a boutonniere. We went with blue because of the lake. We got matching light green ties for him, his groomsmen, our nephews, and the bandana for our dog. The ties and bandana were “topo-ties” from a company called, Kind Design, and they can put topographic maps of famous mountains on ties, so we had Squaw and Alpine put on them. Really cool idea! The groomsmen and nephews wore navy suits and my bridesmaids wore gently floral patterned long dresses. I let the ladies pick the style, but the patterns all matched.


DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason837_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason314_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason038_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_anniexLizzyJason1375_low DeVan_Shumacher_annieXphotographie_7142017LizzyJason491_low
Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

Yes, a couple of things. Be confident that it will all come together in the end. It might be your first wedding, but it’s not the first wedding your vendors have done. They’re there to help you enjoy the process and super nice!! Which leads me to my next word of advice, which applies to both wedding planning and marriage. Open up a dialogue with your partner about creating a balance between effort and support. It’s normal for one person to feel like he/she is taking on a lot more of the responsibilities, but with support and reassurance from your partner it balances out. Weddings can be stressful, making all these decisions, involve each other even if it’s just for the encouragement.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Photographer:  annie X photographie | Event Designer: A Bud & Beyond | Floral Designer: a bud and beyond | Event Planner: Hunter & Company, Event Planning and Design | Reception Venue: Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe | Musicians: Jeff Jones Band LLC | Makeup Artist: Kiss & Makeup | Dress Store: Swoon…a bridal salon | Hair Stylist: Zoe Jane Salon

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Hailing from Brooklyn, Errica and Brett held their intimate Lake Tahoe destination wedding with 75 of their closest family and friends at the beachfront estate, The Fairwinds. So many Tahoe Unveiled wedding vendors helped make this the perfect day, including catering by Butter + Salt, rentals from Celebrations! Party Rentals  and Annamae Photo captured all the details in the gallery below.
IMG_0483 273A8894 273A0098 273A8846 IMG_0501 273A0886 273A0919 273A0892 273A0901 273A8709 IMG_0174 273A9588 273A0409 273A9619 273A9781 273A0238 273A0185 273A0297 273A0277 273A0289 IMG_0914 273A8710 273A9322 273A9860 273A8793 273A0501 273A0525 273A0435 273A0428 273A1130 273A0611 273A1101 273A1058 273A1003

Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Venue: The Fairwind’s Estate | Rental Company: Celebrations! Party Rentals | Flowers: Moda Floral from Sacramento | Photo: Annamae Photo | Caterer and Coordination: Butter + Salt | Dessert: Cakes from Milk Bar | Desserts: Homage Bakery | Dress: BHLDN | Groom’s Suit: Born to Tailor NYC | Bar: Catering for Causes | Hair/makeup: Zoe Jane Salon

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Zephyr Lodge Wedding at Northstar California

Lauren and Jon were married in a beautiful mountaintop ceremony at Northstar’s Zephyr Lodge. Everyone made a grand entrance via the ski gondola to the stunning ceremony site, then enjoyed cocktail hour on the deck before dining in the rustic mountain ski lodge. Love is in The Hair, some of our favorite beauty professionals, were on scene to ensure all the ladies looked completely stunning. And wedding photographers, The Nichols, captured the day beautifully. Check it all out in the gallery below.

LAUREN_JON (95 of 605) LAUREN_JON (332 of 605) LAUREN_JON (563 of 605) LAUREN_JON (97 of 605) LAUREN_JON (101 of 605) LAUREN_JON (162 of 605) LAUREN_JON (100 of 605) LAUREN_JON (189 of 605) LAUREN_JON (193 of 605) LAUREN_JON (256 of 605) LAUREN_JON (293 of 605) LAUREN_JON (291 of 605) LAUREN_JON (299 of 605) LAUREN_JON (112 of 605) LAUREN_JON (109 of 605) LAUREN_JON (116 of 605) LAUREN_JON (121 of 605) LAUREN_JON (365 of 605) LAUREN_JON (318 of 605) LAUREN_JON (333 of 605) LAUREN_JON (508 of 605) LAUREN_JON (510 of 605) LAUREN_JON (513 of 605) LAUREN_JON (537 of 605) LAUREN_JON (544 of 605)
From the photographer ~
Lauren and Jon choose a color palette of navy blue, with the bridesmaids wearing mis-matched floral patterns in blues. It all paired together so nicely! The beautiful ceremony chuppah was constructed of birch trees with floral accents of white peonies and and pale peach antique roses. It was sunny skies and a cool breeze, with a stunning mountain view. All in all, it was a picture perfect day for the newlyweds!

Venue and Catering: Zephyr Lodge from Tahoe Wedding Collection | Photographers: The Nichols | Florist/ Planner: Blake’s Floral Design | Band: The Poprocks | Hair: Love is in The Hair

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