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Chloe from Boxwood Avenue, a Lake Tahoe Bride and SMP Blogger Bride, wanted to add some beautiful and fun personal touches to her West Shore Cafe wedding (which we can’t wait to feature this Friday!), so when she saw a skipping stone favor bag on Pinterest, she immediately wanted to include something like it. “Since our wedding vibe is organic elegance/farm-to-table I wanted to translate some of that into the project, and the watercolor wreath I used was the perfect touch, and of course, any chance I get to use a calligraphy font, I jump!”



Small Drawstring Bags
Transfer Paper (my favorite is Lesley Riley TAP Paper)
Template for Transferring (here’s mine!)
Skipping Stones

This project is also great for those of us trying to stretch the budget, but still wanting to wow our guests with unique, personal touches. In total, each bag cost about fifty cents to make; you can’t beat that!


Step 1:

Download or create the image you’d like to transfer onto the bags. I made mine in PowerPoint, and shrank the image down, so that I could fit 20 images on one page. If you use my graphic, I’ve already reversed it for you, but if you make your own, don’t forget to flip it, so that it prints out backwards! There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot to reverse your file after you’ve already transferred! Trust me, I’ve done it multiple times!

Step 2:

Print and cut your graphics, trimming off as much excess white as possible.

Step 3:

Turn your iron on, and adjust it to the proper heat settings for the transfer paper, according to the package’s instructions. Once the iron is warmed up, place one of your images face down in the center of a bag. Iron the paper so that the ink transfers onto the fabric. Here’s a little tip – use your muscles! I wrote an entire post about this on Boxwood Avenue, if you’re interested, you can view it here!

55a849cb2328e$!x900 55a848480835a$!x900 55a8486193824$!x900

Step 4:

While the paper is still hot, gently pull it up. If you see any spots that didn’t transfer as you remove the paper, you can always press it back down, and re-iron.

Step 5:

Fill with skipping stones, and surprise your guests with a unique favor!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. Oh, and if you decide to make this, make sure you tag me, @boxwoodavenue, so I can gawk over your handiwork!


Photography: Chloe Legras At Boxwood Avenue | Design: Chloe Legras At Boxwood Avenue | Venue: Private Residence | Watercolor Artwork: Maria From DigiCrafts

DIY Skipping Stone Favor Bags was originally featured on Style Me Pretty

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Hey Tahoe Unveiled readers, it’s Jenelle here from Tahoe Rustic Rentals and today I’m sharing our favorite tips for setting up your own cocktail bar, be it for your home or wedding!


One of our most popular rental items is our 6 foot long, reclaimed wood bar. It is a very simple design which allows it to be used and styled in so many ways. We have had folks use it as a brunch buffet, dessert bar, favor stand and of course as a beverage bar! My boyfriend is a cocktail aficionado and is known to for creating a signature drink to match the meals I dream up in the kitchen. So, we wasted no time in deciding to dress up our bar in preparation for a summertime backyard bash with a little help from local Christina Milke Photography.


Use Shelving Wisely. The most important part for us is a beautiful looking bar, it seriously sets the scene for your cocktail creations. One of the best features of our bar is all of the shelves! These come in handy if you are planning to use your bar for beverage service. We recommend filling the shelves with all of the glasses, tools and bottles you may need within reach. If you have a more traditional bar, this is the perfect piece to use in conjunction. Just stick behind it and keep stocked with all of your different glassware.

Showcase Colorful Ingredients. Our favorite drink to make at home is a Whiskey Sour with lemon and thyme. Lucky for us, fresh thyme plants, lemons, and limes add beautiful texture and color to our bar scene.. Use your ingredients as decor! Liquor bottles add great color and shapes and should also be highlighted. Drink flags, straws, and skewers get you bonus points!


Elevate. We rent different trays, log slabs, crates and tubs that can help separate the bar into zones to keep you organized! Different trays and log slabs help to enhance and showcase what you want people to see. No need for too much clutter! Metal tubs do an excellent job keeping different beverages cold and separate and can be refilled as needed.

Use Signage. Themed bars and events can really benefit from some signage. Not only do they help set the tone, they can be great for showing your guests where they should be (and in the case of cocktails, where all the fun is). We love our custom set of mountain-inspired chalkboard signs from Do Well Signs in Reno!

Keep Essentials on Hand. You don’t have to break the bank when setting up your bar but it does help to have some essentials stocked. We always keep Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, Rum and Gin on hand as well as plenty of citrus! We LOVE St. Germain, an elderflower liqueur that adds just a touch of sweetness. And we are always reaching for Angostura Bitters, ginger ale and homemade simple syrup.


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This year, 2.3 million couples will get married in the United States and will receive $19 billion worth of wedding gifts (that’s a ton of gravy boats). Imagine if each couple added just one more gift to their registries, or in lieu of shower gifts, favors, etc – a gift that would help a family in need. The Adventure Project, a nonprofit that “adds venture” capital to create jobs in developing countries, is now offering a wedding registry campaign to provide charcoal-efficient stoves to women in Kenya.

Grace and Vivian

Co-founder of The Adventure Project, Becky Straw, was inspired to create the campaign leading up to her own wedding this June. She shares, “As the co-founder of The Adventure Project, I’ve witnessed how a simple stove can transform a woman’s life. So while I have been busy adding pots and pans to our own wedding registry, I wanted to ensure we share our blessings with others. It’s such an easy way to help. I hope you join us.”

Peter and Sarah

It only takes $35 to provide one stove – and by providing a stove, you will be saving a woman from cooking over an open fire. Over four million people die each year from breathing in toxic smoke from cooking over open fires. In fact, it’s one of the largest – and least known – killers of women and children.

Grace and Vivian

The stoves are made locally and sold by men and women in Kenya. Each stove drastically reduces toxic smoke and uses 50% less charcoal than cooking over open fires. One stove saves six trees from being turned into charcoal each year.

Grace and Vivian

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You can scour the internet for beauty advice to prepare for your wedding, or you can go to the source. Laura from La di Da is writing today’s guest post and sharing her top tips that gets her client’s beautiful glowing skin for their big day.

wedding beauty prep


Water is the answer to youthful, fresh, glowing skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water the week leading up to and on your wedding day. This is the oldest trick in the book and it’s there for a reason!


Have your brows waxed and looking their best, ideally one week ahead of time. Haven’t had your brows groomed before? Now is the perfect time to start!


Dark circles and puffiness can be common bride-to-be afflictions. A nightly application of eye cream, along with adequate sleep will improve the appearance of dark circles. Also a cool compress a couple times a week (or as much as you’d like!) will help to keep puffiness at bay. Lastly, the week before the wedding, steer clear of too much salty food, which can cause eyes to look swollen.


Make sure to give your lips some much-needed TLC. Use a lip conditioner with Vitamin E to help combat cracks and creases. You should also exfoliate your lips at least once a week (or at the very least before the big day!). You can find some great at-home sugar scrub recipes on Google, or simply take a wet toothbrush with warm water and brush lips with a gentle back-and-forth motion. Finally, protect your lips with sunscreen, to keep them from looking and feeling parched.

Neck and Décolleté

Start taking care of this overlooked region as soon as you can. Think of it as an extension of the skin on your face – but remember that this fragile skin is thinner, has fewer oil glands than the rest of the body, and requires special care to keep is supple and smooth. Exfoliate it with a gentle face scrub every other day, apply a light moisturizer daily, and use sunscreen when heading out in the sun.

The Dreaded Wedding Day Pimple

Avoid new products, including shampoos or makeup, during the month before your wedding. If that occasional blemish (often caused by stress!) does make an appearance, a hot compress will reduce it, followed by a cold compress and a tiny bit of your favorite zit zapper. I’ve also had brides who have had great success with toothpaste (the paste type not the gel). If redness persists the morning of your big day, apply a drop of Visine on the pimple. And whatever happens, don’t pick


For more info on airbrushing check out my blog post on Tahoe Unveiled!

Emily (39 of 47) Makeup : La di Da | Photography : Anicia Beckwith | Florist : Delfina Kuzmik

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Today we have a guest post from Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, Jon M Photography. Jon is here to let you know what you can do to have great photos on your wedding day.

If you’re one of the people that believe your wedding photos will be one of the most important parts of your wedding, you will likely spend a lot of time to find the right photographer. Dont stop there though, after choosing your photographer, there is still a lot you can do to make your photos look even better. Here are 5 tips that you can easily do to greatly enhance your wedding photos.

1. Spacious & Clean Room

Lake Tahoe Wedding by Jon M Photography When booking your venue make sure to view the bridal sweet. Most venues around Tahoe offer these. Some are larger than others. When you view the bridal sweet make sure there will be enough room for you, all of your bridesmaids, family, and the photographer to easily move around. You will also have a lot of accessories and clothing for everyone in the wedding which can take up a lot of room. If there isn’t enough room in the bridal sweet ask the wedding coordinator for other options. Make sure there is enough room around all of the furniture for you to get ready and have room to view it.

If you are getting ready at a private estate, then you will have the power to choose the best room to get ready in. It is often the master bedroom. In this case, keep all of your things out of the room, and use it only as the area to get dressed and to take great photos with you and your friends and family.

That leads me to keeping the pictures clutter free. When you start getting ready for your wedding day you will have all sorts of clothing from both you and your brides maids, a lot of beauty products and appliances, and lets not forget the food. Your room(s) will quickly get cluttered up. Simply put, if the room is cluttered, your pictures will look cluttered.

My recommendation is to designate a small area and/or side-room to place all of the clutter, keeping the rest of the room clean. This will allow the photographer to move around, and get shots of everyone with clean surroundings. Your eye will be able to focus on the subject instead of the half eaten cheese plate and empty water bottles.

2. Put Ample Time in the Timeline for Photos

Lake Tahoe Wedding by Jon M Photography When putting together timelines, brides often overlook making enough time for portraits. Take the time before the wedding to talk with your photographer about photo opportunities. Ask him/her how much time is needed and when they would like to do the shots (My team likes to do a few mini shoots throughout the day to capture each aspect). Then make sure to add that time in between events. I often suggest to add an extra 5 to 10 min for each. This will allow for two things. One, that you have time to get to the area to take pictures, and not be rushed. Two, weddings often run behind, and the first and easiest thing to cut is photo time, by adding the buffer you will be able to cut into that instead of miss out on some great photo opportunities.

Lake Tahoe Weddings offer a unique beauty that you won’t find anywhere else. Make sure you and your photographer know what time the sunset will be and plan for enough time to capture your portraits just before and after it.

By adding enough time throughout the day you will ensure a day that isnt rushed and that you get all of the shots that you and your photographer plan.

3. Attractive Accessories

Lake Tahoe Wedding by Jon M Photography One of the most typical examples of this is the hanger for your dress. From affordable dresses to very extravagant dresses, I have seen the cheap 10¢ clear plastic hanger holding it up. This will immediately make your dress and photo look cheap. There are multiple options to this. You can get a custom designed hanger with your new last name in it, or you can simply find a nice wood hanger with the notches in it. There are many accessories throughout the day that can quickly enhance your photos if you take the time to make them look nice.

4. Posing

Jon M Photography at Thunderbird Lets face it, not everyone is a model or comfortable in front of a camera. Your photographer should be able to tell you how to pose to look comfortable in front of the camera to get great pictures. In the end it comes down to how well you can execute the pose.

With such great online resources available, you can do a few things on your end before the wedding to prepare for your wedding day, that way when it comes time to pose you are much more comfortable.

Pinterest is my favorite tool for this. I email my clients 2 pin boards of simple poses, one for ladies, and another for men. In addition to the boards I give them a list of things to look for in each pose, making it easier for them to identify what the model is doing. They are then able to spend a few minutes in front of a mirror practicing the poses.

Now when we get to the engagement shoot, or wedding, my clients are much more comfortable posing. I have a much easier time with clients that have taken a few minutes before hand to familiarize themselves with poses.

5. Smile

Jon M Photography at Thunderbird-31 Jon M Photography at Thunderbird-32 Smiling might seem like an obvious point that doesn’t need to be mentioned, but there have been a few weddings that I have shot that either the bride or groom didn’t smile much, often due to stress, or something not turning out the way it was planned.

When it comes down to it, the photo is going to be all about you, by smiling throughout the day you will make your candid and posed photos look far better.

Lake Taheo Wedding by Jon M Photography My recommendation to all brides is to accept that you have done your best planning the wedding. Now it is time for the professionals and people around you to do their part. Let go of any expectations once the day starts and just focus on getting married to your best friend. Something might not go as planned, if that happens you will be ok with it and be focused on the more important aspects of the day. The sooner you are able to surrender to that fact and just focus on the beauty of the day the sooner you will be able to have the best day of your life, and get photos that reflect that.

By doing these few things you will help get great shots, ensure you have a better time on your wedding day, and love your photos.

Jon M Photography

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Kari Spalinger from Kari Addison Beautiful is back with her wedding beauty series, and today she is sharing all the secrets to an amazing boudoir shoot.

A boudoir is a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The term derives from the French verb bouder, meaning “to be sulky” or boudeur, meaning “sulky”.

Boudoir Beauty

Make-up for boudoir should really be determined by what you and your fiance find beautiful, or even sexy. When do you feel most beautiful? Is there a specific time of day or any particular moments that stick out in your mind when he’s mentioned how incredibly sexy you look? What female celebrities is he most attracted to? Are there any consistencies on their make-up looks? Natural, subtle and sun-kissed like Jennifer Aniston? Or would he enjoy seeing you a little more seductive, mysterious with a red lip and smokier eyes like Angelina Jolie? Don’t leave anything out, you can always do both!

Boudoir Beauty

What side of you do you want to show through? Remember, you will have these images forever and they will show a more private side of you. What do you want to remember—or him to remember about you—in this time of your life?

Boudoir Beauty

There are also “glamour” or “beauty” photography sessions that may be more your style. Like the images above and below, these are more natural, yet styled shoots. They are soft, artistic and usually more clothed shoots. These aren’t, in my opinion, about a different side of you, but you feeling your most beautiful. This means if a cotton tee shirt or loose fitted clothing makes you feel incredible, then this is what you should wear. Either way you go, it’s an experience that brings you new confidence.  Do your research and find the right photographer and setting for you.

Boudoir Beauty

Photography | Melissa Vossler

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First cultivated in China in the 1400s, the chrysanthemum has been praised for its herbal and decorative properties for centuries. Due to its natural autumn-time flowering, it is the official birth-flower for the month of November, bringing a pop of color and happiness during the cold weather months. The meaning of the chrysanthemum varies from culture to culture and from color to color, ranging from honesty, clarity, ease, well wishes, focus, and personal growth. If you’re considering an autumn wedding, then order up a bouquet or two of these bright beauties for an extra dose of cheer!


First Row: Figlewicz Photography via Wedding Wire | Sugar Pot via Flickr
Second Row: Marolsha via Etsy
Third Row: Perfect Wedding Day | Rideau Florist Weddings
Fourth Row: Blush Publishing  | Wake Up World

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At some point in the wedding planning process, every bride turns her attention to makeup. But have you ever wondered about airbrush makeup? Laura from LA di DA Makeup Artistry has years of experience with airbrushing and is bringing her makeup expertise to Tahoe Unveiled readers and Lake Tahoe brides. We asked Laura a few of the top questions asked about airbrush makeup.

What is airbrush makeup?
A light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine that sprays a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very soft finish if applied correctly. Basically, a small amount of a very thin makeup designed for airbrush use is put into a chamber of a gun. When the machine is turned on and the trigger pulled, a light spray of makeup comes out in a fine mist.

LAdiDa Makeup Lake Tahoe Wedding

What type of airbrush makeup do you use?
I use MAC Pro Performance HD Airbrush Makeup which is silicone-based and OCC Water-Based Airbrush Makeup. Silicone-based airbrush makeup is water resistant offering a dewier finish than water based (which is totally matte). You can dance & not worry about sweat ruining your makeup. You won’t get tear streaks if you get emotional. In my opinion it is the best airbrush option for special events because it wears well and photographs beautifully. Be sure you don’t wipe away sweat/tears and instead ‘blot’. This will help guarantee your 12+ hours of wear.

Conversely, water based is totally matte and comes off with water. Is not waterproof and if you cry or sweat will streak. When it streaks you can do nothing to blend it back. I carry it for photo shoots when I want a super matte finish, but I don’t use it for weddings/special event makeup.

Why do you recommend airbrush makeup for brides?
A number of reasons! First, the fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. I can mix foundation colors for a perfect blend to custom match skin tones. Since it’s such a fine mist your true skin tone shows through which makes it look more natural and not caked on (if applied properly).

Also silicone-based airbrush makeup will not transfer onto clothing, which not only keeps the bride’s dress clean but also the groom’s collar J It’s also waterproof (bring on the waterworks!) and it won’t go anywhere until you wash it off.

Another big benefit of airbrush makeup is the way it looks in photos. Hi-Definition cameras have really made makeup artists more aware of their application methods. Every line from a brush or sponge, if not blended well, can be seen in detail through HD. With airbrush, you don’t ever worry about streaks or brush strokes. Since it’s sprayed, the fine mist mirrors the pixels in a picture, making it flawless and requiring minimal edits. So not only do makeup artists love it, photographers do too!

LAdiDa Makeup Lake Tahoe Wedding 2

Is airbrush makeup for everyone?

No, it is not. Make sure to have the discussion with your makeup artist about whether it would be a good option for your skin type. Airbrush makeup needs to be applied to smooth, moisturized, hair-free skin. Traditional makeup needs pores to adhere to, however airbrush makeup can adhere to smooth surfaces and if you have any facial hair, it will adhere to each individual hair and can make someone look like a fuzzy peach. The same is true for dry skin. So nair, wax, exfoliate, whatever you need to do, and if you aren’t comfortable with that then traditional makeup might be a better choice for you.

Is airbrush makeup worth the extra cost?
Absolutely! I have never had a bride regret the extra money spent. The benefits of airbrush makeup far outweigh traditional makeup. It’s streak-free, transfer resistant, and wears all day long, even through sweat and tears. Also, think about the amount of money spent on your dress, hair, photography, etc. – why wouldn’t you want to make sure that your makeup is on-point? There are a lot of areas of a wedding that can be DIY, but makeup is not one of them. Think about switching something around in your budget, maybe something that you can do yourself weeks before the wedding, and make room for the day-off necessities.

In the end, don’t stress too much! It all depends on your personal preference and if you can’t decide between the two, do a trial with both and see what’s right for you. If there are any other questions you have please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or Facebook message

LA di DA Makeup Artistry
Email | la@ladidamakeup.com
Facebook | www.facebook.com/ladidamakeup

Photos: Christie Mumm with JLM Photography

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