Our private estate tour with One Fine Day Events continues today with a property that invokes visions of tropical isles, Caribbean beaches, and warm sun. The Gold Coast Estate is nestled down in the quiet and tranquil cove of Rubicon Bay. The golden sandy beaches and tropical water meet pine trees and meadow making it the perfect place to have a wedding isolated from the rest of the world.


With toes tucked in the sand for the ceremony and dinner amongst a canopy of pine trees, this venue really showcases everything that is so wonderful in Tahoe all wrapped up in one luxuriously private lakefront venue.


Lounge furniture sprinkled on the beach with dancing amongst the stars, this is the perfect lakefront wedding celebration estate!



Photos courtesy of Mike Larson Photography

Interested in booking The Gold Coast Estate for your wedding? Contact One Fine Day Events!

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A new spate of online registries offer presents you won’t find at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, or Williams-Sonoma. At Newlywish, you can register for experiences, such as dance lessons, wine tastings or ballet performances. You can sign up for bedding and dinnerware on the site as well, with choices from more than 40 independent stores. And to make things a little easier, bachelorette shower packages, bridesmaids gifts, and welcome bags are also available–so you can spend less time planning wedding-related events and more time looking for something you’ll love forever.

Wedding Registry

For the Do-Gooders, I Do Foundation makes it easy for you to give back by offering multiple ways for your guests to make charitable contributions. Create a registry where all the gifts are charitable contributions, or make a more traditional one through I Do Foundation partner stores and 5% of all purchases will benefit the charity of your choice.

Oenophiles unite! Those who can’t get enough of pinot and cabernet can now celebrate their nuptials by giving guests the opportunity to contribute vintages to their very own wine cellar at WineEnthusiast.com. Register for cases, bottles and all necessary accessories for your own wine bar, from personalized wine glasses and decanters to wine fridges, hi-tech cork screws and aerators.



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We invited the ladies at One Fine Day Events to show off some of their favorite Lake Tahoe private estates that are perfect for summer weddings. Today, they are starting the tour by introducing The Sandy Shores Cove Estate. Nestled atop a bluff and protected by the wind, Sandy Shores Cove boasts a gorgeous lawn, a lodge-style home, and access to a private sandy beach. Tall old growth pine trees surround the perimeter of the property, creating the perfect overhead canopy for an open air or clear tent reception. The long stretch of lawn creates plenty of space for spreading out the ceremony, cocktails, dinner,and dancing. Plus, no matter where you are on the property, you have a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe!

sandy shores 1 This property really captures the essence of what Lake Tahoe has to offer – beauty, comfort, and a secluded space for you to enjoy a night of celebrating your wedding!

lake tahoe private estate wedding lake tahoe private estate

One Fine Day Events has produced several stunning weddings at this property. If you are interested in this property or even just chatting about One Fine Day’s services, you can find our contact information by clicking here.

Photography from Mike Larson.

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I’m close to my coworkers but not my boss. If I invite them, do I have to invite her, too?


Once upon a time, the answer would be yes, you do. But as workplaces have evolved—with more people telecommuting or working in a satellite office—so, too, has the etiquette surrounding them. Ultimately, it comes down to your specific environment. Say you work at a large company where interaction with the boss is minimal. you’re probably safe including just your chummiest coworkers. If your job scene is more intimate, though, and your sweet soiree is likely to be the talk of the office come Monday, you might spare hurt feelings by biting the bullet and inviting your boss. In the end, it’s your call—at the wedding, you’re the boss.



Got a question?

Email us at info@tahoeunveiled.com

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We’re having an engagement party. Should we expect guests to bring gifts?


Etiquette doesn’t call for it, but most people want to give a token to any honoree, whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary dinner; this event is no different. Unless you explicity say “no presents, please” on the invitations, most people will show up with one in hand, so set up your registry early enough to offer eager givers options. Simply and discretely put the info on your wedding website, or let your bridesmaids of moms divulge the deets.

Of course, not everyone will come bearing gifts, so don’t make a big deal out of the ones you do receive. We suggest saving opening your presents after guests have left. Then, as you already know, send a gracious ‘thank you’ note to let them know how much you appreciated the thought and gift.

engagement gifts
Liz Banfield


Got a question?

Email us at info@tahoeunveiled.com

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What are your suggestions for finding a hair and makeup artist?


Start by asking for recommendations from recent brides whose bridal style looks you liked. Our Tahoe Unveiled Vendor Guide lists multiple wedding hair and makeup stylists we love and have personally worked with. Talk to your photographer too–most have worked with reputable pros and can recommend one. Start looking for hair and makeup artists five to six months in advance, especially in the Lake Tahoe area. You can also test out a few ahead of time to see whose work you like best.

Elegant-Truckee-Wedding-15 Photo: Chantel Giongco | Hair and Makeup: La di Da Beauty

photo+2 Hair and Makeup: Love is in the Hair

anita martin Photo: Anita Martin | Hair and Makeup: Love is in the Hair

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Stefani and Michelle from Love is in the Hair are on the blog today discussing all things wedding hair. Don’t book your beauty vendors until you read what these awesome ladies have to say!

What are your tips for the perfect wedding day hair?

Up your beauty game if you want to look on-point for your wedding day. Invest in a great shampoo and conditioner and even a hydrating mask, especially if your hair is lacking shine and moisture. Book regular haircuts and have your final color appointment two weeks before the wedding in case any adjustments need to be made and to allow the color to settle. Quick tip: Add a color gloss to this appointment for added shine and illumination.

ciprian Ciprian Photography

What preparations should the bride do on her wedding day?

Make sure your hair is washed and conditioned with your favorite duos and freshly blown out the morning of your wedding. We know you’re thinking… day two hair is better for an up style, but this is no longer the case, especially if you have cow licks or sever parting. We can create the texture or smoothness with a variety of products, so, your job? Show up with clean, fresh and dry hair and leave the rest to us.

When should a bride start thinking about her wedding day hair?

ASAP!  This gives your hairstylist the time needed to adjust your color and get your hair into optimum health.


When should a bride start contacting a hair and makeup team for her wedding?

As with any good vendor, the good ones get booked well in advance. We suggest booking your hair and makeup team as soon as you know your venue and date. Beware of vendors who offer only verbal promises, those who work without contracts, and those who eagerly over promise and undercharge.

What is your most important tip for a bride?

Jumpstart your hair and skin care routine. Makeup loves healthy skin, invest in multiple facials and a personalized skin care regimen prescribed by your esthetician. P.S. this is not a good time to try ANYTHING new, definitely not a hairstyle/color or hair dresser. If you are a color client, have your touch ups re-done about 2 weeks before the wedding (don’t skip on the color gloss) along with your final facial and waxing appointments. Yes, we said waxing.

rose street 2

What is the one thing every bride needs?

A professional hair and makeup team. We are here to tell you a little secret: the most important accessory on your wedding day is your hair. You are going to look back on your wedding day photos and be so relieved everyone looks their absolute best. We provide a seamless, organized experience allowing you and your bridal party to arrive on-time and photo ready for the most photographed day of your life.

Any advice on complimenting hair and makeup styles?

Our advice on choosing your perfect bridal look; don’t stray too far from your own look and style. If you are the kind of girl who loves having her hair down and flowing,  don’t go for a sleek up style —if you’re not a Glam-a-zon, don’t wear so much makeup that your groom won’t recognize you.  We think it’s best to go with the look you normally go for when you dress up for an occasion, and then glam it up a notch (or two)  for your wedding day. We couldn’t agree more with Sofia Vergara’s comment about make up, “I have a very important makeup tip for the girls [who] are getting married soon ,I think sometimes we overthink it because it’s a very special occasion and we want to have everything perfect… With makeup, sometimes people exaggerate a little bit or make it too different because they want to do more. Sometimes, it makes it look like it’s not you and when you see the pictures you’re like, ‘Oh, what happened to me?’ So I think it’s better to keep yourself looking fresh in the makeup that you’ve always liked and be you.”


Any tips for dry ends and any products you recommend?

Get regular haircuts and go easy on the heat styling. Find products that will repair and enhance your ends, consult your hairstylist, they are a wealth of beauty knowledge. We love Kevin Murphy HYDRATE-ME. MASQUE, an excellent choice for color treated hair in need of moisture and shine.

What are your favorite winter wedding styles for Lake Tahoe?

We are loving a pop color with a dark lip for a winter wedding, either a red or a darker berry color. It pops with the white dress and a snowy background. For a darker lip color we recommend a stain, it last all day and night and you can share all the kisses with your groom without leaving a mark.

What about your favorite summer wedding styles for Lake Tahoe?

For summer weddings we love a softer makeup look with a bright highlight on the cheek bones, the shimmer pops in the sunlight and in photos.  We are seeing a lot of brides choose to wear full, shiny, long hair in a soft romantic wave. Consider hair extensions to add volume and length.  We also love seeing the bride exchange her veil for a floral headpiece after the ceremony, a great way to achieve a second look for the reception.

rose street Rose Street Studio

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We are so excited to introduce our newest Tahoe Unveiled vendor, Jesse and Lindsay from The Traveling Photo Booth. These two are such an important part of any Lake Tahoe wedding, I mean who doesn’t love jumping in a photo booth? We are not embarrassed to say that we have had our share of time in this booth at local events and Lake Tahoe weddings. Seriously, my fridge is full of photo booth photos! Read on to find out more about this couple and the awesome services they offer.

The Happy Couple!

Where are you from?
Jesse is from Park Ridge, New Jersey, Lindsay is from Tahoe City, California

Where do you live now?
We live in NW Reno

How did you end up in your profession and what brought you to the wedding industry?
Jesse was interested in starting up our own business and thought about what makes Tahoe unique. He was drawn to the high amount of weddings, and then from there he just thought about what makes weddings fun, and then came Photo Booth. He researched and found the Traveling Photo Booth and was impressed with the cutting edge technology, attractiveness of the machines and the super high quality photo strip. So, we took the plunge. I was on board because I grew up with entrepreneurial parents and it seemed like a wonderful opportunity.

Tell us about The Traveling Photo Booth and what makes you special.
Our photo booth has a charming, vintage look and offers a unique, real photo booth experience. Our booth is packed with features you won’t find anywhere else, and, most importantly, prints a traditional 7″ photo strip that will have guests looking their very best.
The Traveling Photo Booth began over a decade ago in Minneapolis. The founders, Matt and Jacob, were college roommates and photography and architecture majors, respectively. They saw a photo booth at wedding reception Jacob was photographing and thought, “we could do this better”. So, they went for it. The deadline was a year’s end Christmas party and Matt was literally working all night the night before. We were drawn to the spirit of The Traveling Photo Booth, a bit of competitiveness mixed with tons of fun. We love that our business is always growing and changing with the times. We are always trying to be the best in the industry and are passionate about photo strip quality. In addition, we have features that are patent pending and we use our own software.

girls, stand

What services does your photo booth offer?
Our rentals include a full-time attendant, set up a break down outside of your rental time, unlimited prints and unlimited reprints, access to a password protected online gallery for free downloads, super tones, split tones, animated GIFs, video previews, frame-filing photos, lightning speed, “grandpa approved” software, quality waaay beyond megapixels. Add ons include: hand stitched, hand made guest book, new prop kits, Custom Center Strip, Custom Branding, The Social Package-Telebooth™, post event Photo Strip Collage, Thank You’s, Photo Strip Frames and Event CD’s with lots more coming down the pipeline.

What are some of the Lake Tahoe venues you’ve worked at?
West Shore Cafe, Northstar, Lahontan, Martis Camp, Nevada Museum of Art, The Ritz, Valhalla, The Hyatt, Aspen Grove, The Resort at Squaw Creek, Plump Jack, Sunnyside, Sugarbowl, Tannenbaum


Any advice you can offer couples who are interested in having a Photo Booth at their event?
DO IT! But, beware of stranger danger. There are literally dozens of photo booth companies out there. And many don’t offer a real photo booth experience or post what their photo booth looks like, and even more post their single, raw pictures as examples, not showing the real photo strip, the one that will serve as a party favor. So, get a sample and be sure you can see a picture of what the booth or stand looks like. Photo booths are super fun, but just like any industry, there is a huge variety of cost and quality. Contrary to popular belief, photo booths are not all about props. We suggest keeping it simple; high quality photo strips are really all you need.

Besides weddings, what types of events has this photo booth been to?
Birthday Parties of all ages, Holiday parties, New Year’s Eve parties, Graduation Parties, Gala’s, Corporate events, Anniversary Parties, baby showers…

What trends do you see for 2016 in regards to photo booths?
The Stand. The modern, eye-catching “red -carpet” style is super popular. Social media is increasingly popular as well, getting your pictures instantly and sharing them with the world. Less props. Last minute bookings.

in booth couple

What is the craziest thing to ever happen in your photo booths?
We did a wedding that had many Burning Man goers. So, a lot of nudity.

Do you have any tips for posing for the perfect picture?
If it’s just two of you, scooch forward. Look at the camera. Shout out whatever pose you are thinking and get everyone to join in (falling of a cliff face, thinking man, serious, funny, mug shot,). Go over and over again till you get it right. If it’s a group shot(our record is 11 peeps) get close together, cheek to cheek and look hilarious.

When you’re not capturing those special wedding moments, what do you do in your spare time?
Get outside, hang with our darling daughter, spend time with family, play softball, watch some Met games, read, make delicious food and breathe deeply.

005_001 (1)

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?
Summer time it’s often times just chilling at home, recovering from the weddings/events from the night before and possibly getting ready to turn it around for another wedding that day. In the off season, probably going up to the lake or checking out our new home town of Reno.

3 words that describe a Lake Tahoe wedding… Unique, breathtaking, fabulous

Favorite quote… Mine is “be yourself, everyone else is already taken” and Jesse’s is “keep it simple, stupid”

Favorite instagram account… @AmandaBisk, @CordMamas and @WeFollowLucasDuda

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