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Since you’re only getting married once, be sure to capitalize on the special occasion. By this, we mean take photos galore. But don’t settle for the ordinary; instead, spice up your memorable snaps with fun (and mostly awww-inducing) spins.

Here are some “Just Married” photograph ideas that are 100% appropriate for a Lake Tahoe wedding. Be it taken on a chairlift or in a vintage wooden canoe, your friends and family will love seeing the announcement. Most of all, it’ll make for great wall art in your first home as newlyweds.

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You could opt for pinks and creams and roses and all the other classical wedding elements, but when your marriage is being held in one of world’s greatest wonders–Lake Tahoe–why stop at ordinary?

With all the wilderness and beaches, Lake Tahoe can’t help but be associated with camping. Just the smell of the area itself immediately makes visitors yearn to camp. Roll your car windows down upon arrival in Tahoe and you’ll instantly inhale what smells like burning wood, irrefutably one of the best scents on earth.

In turn, we think there’s no better theme for your Lake Tahoe wedding than “campout.” And what guest to your Tahoe venue wouldn’t love s’mores and tents and campfires? A campout Lake Tahoe wedding would go down in history as one of the best, if not the best, wedding your friends and family will have attended.

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Picture yourself on your wedding day, standing on the shore of Lake Tahoe. Your family is glowing, your friends are giggling. You and your new husband (husband!) are reflecting on what just happened (you got married!). You’re holding hands.

Now picture the other hand. It’s empty. Now feel the warm sun beating down on you. It’s hot. Picture yourself holding a nice cold, ice cold beverage, and picture that beverage containing fresh mint and lime. Now picture another containing rosé and berries, and another with grilled peaches, lemon juice and bourbon. Picture yourself cooling down, relishing this day of glory.

Summertime in Lake Tahoe is blissful, but it can be HOT. To help keep you and your guests cool on your wedding day, we’ve gathered our 7 favorite summery cocktails. These drinks will without a doubt make your Lake Tahoe wedding that much more successful; they’re unique, delicious and refreshing.




Perhaps I’m biased being of English heritage, but the classic English summertime drink, Pimm’s, is perhaps the best beverage for a hot day. Garnished with cucumbers, mint, apples, oranges and strawberries, the lemony Pimm’s-and-ginger-ale concoction is a classic that never disappoints.




Rest assured, the rosewater in Rose Lemon Spritzers is not overpowering; it simply lends the cocktail a light, refreshing, and mildly floral touch. The crisp, cool bubbles will have you cooling down and dancing the night away in no time.




Bourbon’s a great drink to have at your Lake Tahoe wedding because a lot of people enjoy it, but sometimes it needs a little sweetening up. For this reason, we enjoy this refreshing blackberry version. The added basil gives it an extra rejuvenating kick.




For a fun twist on a classic, opt for sidecars made with honey and rosemary. The rosemary adds an earthy, rugged twist, and it also helps to balance out the sweetness of the honey.




While nothing says “not-Tahoe” more than pineapple (Tahoe does have pine trees, but unfortunately those don’t breed pineapples…), nothing says “refreshing” more than pineapple either. Plus, the yellow color is just too pretty to not serve. This recipe calls for a little kick with the addition of jalapeño. Spice that wedding up!




Elderflower adds subtle sweetness to this prosecco-based cocktail. We love the simplicity, too, in both looks and taste.




First, beware! This is a cocktail you and your entire wedding party could sip on all day. The frozen raspberries keep the cocktail cool, and they look elegant to boot. What’s not to love about mint, raspberries and bubbles on a warm summer’s day in Lake Tahoe?

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One easy way to put some personality into your wedding is to swap out the traditional “Canon” by Pachelbel for something that speaks to you and your soon-to-be-husband. This could be the song that was playing when you first met, or something with inspiring, partnership-related lyrics. The song could fit the overall tone of your Tahoe wedding, or be totally out-of-the-blue. Walking down the aisle is your special moment, so don’t hold back. It’s your time to shine, your time to walk toward the love of your life accompanied by a meaningful tune.

Questions to ask when picking your processional song are:

1. Do you want lyrics?

2. Do you want something guests aren’t expecting?

3. Do you want something romantic?

4. Do you want something slow?

Here are 14 nontraditional processional songs that’ll make the entire ceremony’s hearts melt, and since I’m on a popcorn kick, I’m going to say like butter over freshly-popped popcorn. But this is just the start–just something to get your creative juices flowing. I recently went to a wedding where the bride walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of “Moon River,” and it was tear-inducing. Elegant doesn’t do the song justice.

“Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez

“Everyday” by Buddy Holly

“Boom Clap” by Lennon & Maisy

“Can’t Help Falling In love” by Ingrid Michaelson

“Is This Love” by Bob Marley

“Moon River” by Andy Williams

“Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones

“Lucky” by Jason Mraz, featuring Colbie Caillet

“Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley

“Skinny Love” by Bon Iver

“Wonderwall” by Ryan Adams

“She” by Elvis Costello

“I Won’t Give Up” Jason Mraz

“Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons

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In between the sipping on champagne, noshing on appetizers, and meeting with highly reputable vendors at Tahoe Unveiled’s A Day in the Mountains, our brides learned quite a few very valuable lessons. Last week we posted a few highlights from Scott Corridan’s presentation … this week we’d like to share a few highlights from Catherine Hall Studios’ presentation. Catherine taught our guests what not to do prior to and during their wedding day during her presentation titled, “How to Craft Utterly Elegant, Wholly Exquisite Images of Your Wedding Day.”

Catherine is a very endearing person. She instantly makes you feel like you have known her for decades. After showing the audience an imepecable slideshow of her work, she woo’d the audience with her humor and opened her book on how she produces such amazing, tear jerking, and flawless photography. Here are just a few of the many lessons she taught us:

Q: Why do I need to spend money on my wedding dress? I’m only going to wear it for ONE day?

Catherine Hall Studios

This dress will appear in your wedding photos for the rest of your life. So, in a sense, you wear it forever!

Q:Why do I need to hire a wedding coordinator?

Sometimes it can be tough to understand why you may need a coordinator, especially since this is a service and not a product that you can see and touch. However, if you would like to enjoy your wedding day, it is imperative! Catherine showed us a great combination of images to explain her answer to this question. I found it quite funny, as these images were from one of our (One Fine Day’s) weddings!
Image # 1 – The bride throwing her head back laughing, relaxing, and enjoying her wedding dinner
Image # 2 – The wedding planner and 3 assistants clinging onto a cabana during an incredible wind storm. This image was captured at the same time as image #1…but outside and down the stairs from the dinner location. The cabana, which took months of planning and hours of constructing by Bellissima Floral, risked being torn to pieces by Mother Nature’s wind currents.
Image # 3 – A heavenly picture of the cabana in place, the candles lit, and a lovely peaceful setting for guests to enjoy. This is what the cabana looked like when the guests finished dinner and were ready to enjoy the party. They had no idea there was an ounce of chaos.
Catherine’s question to the audience was, “What would you as the bride have done in this situation if you didn’t have a coordinator? Who would be standing on each post holding the structure together during dinner service? You spent the last 9 months planning out every detail and then mother nature roles in and screws with your perfect plans. If you and your guests are enjoying the festivities, who takes care of the behind the scenes issues?”

I am going to have a strapless dress!

Catherine Hall Studios

Why is this a bad wish and need? Because not every body suits a strapless dress. Listen to your shapes, curves, and your girlfriends…purchase the dress that suits your shape, your figure, and makes you feel absolutely stunning! The image above shows a bride in a dress that fits her too perfection.

Plan for the “Golden Hour”

Catherine Hall Studios

The “Golden Hour” is the time when the sun is setting and everyone looks amazing on camera! It is really important allow time for a few photos of you and your new hubby during this period….you’ll thank your photographer later!

Touch base with your photographer prior to planning a ceremony time!

The sun, especially in Tahoe, in the middle of the day is strong and can be quite harsh on your faces, making for not so attractive photos. This is one of the most important elements of your celebration, you want to be glowing….not squinting or overshadowed by the sun.

Thank you Catherine for sharing your words of wisdom!

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During Tahoe Unveiled’s A Day in the Mountains event, guest speaker, Scott Corridan educated our lovely brides on how to find the perfect wedding dress. Every girl has areas on her body that she dislikes…so Scott selected three ladies, each with very different shapes and heights and demonstrated how a particular dress can accentuate one’s assets while diminishing the appearance of the less appealing areas. Below, we have our lovely models wearing Swoon Bridal Salon’s dresses, Aiko Designs jewelry, Cortney Knudson Hair Design up do’s, and Kiss and Makeup makeovers.

A gown for a petite bride… 5’4″ or smaller… is best considered when planning on building height. In this case, Jennifer is shown in an A-line, vintage inspired gown, that stops just below the knee. The dress pulls in tightly to a very defined V shape at her waist elongating her torso and providing more visual height. The horizontal element of the fringing details give her otherwise petite little frame some greater presence.

A gown for a full figured bride… and full figures DOES NOT mean overweight… it just means fuller figured – bigger bones, bigger breasts, bigger waistline, bigger butt… and all gorgeous on Jen here in this Marilyn Monroe inspired, very simply detailed buxom gown. The reverse gather pleating at the waistline allows for more fabric to bundle, which combined with the very fitted corset torso gives Jen a classic waistline and accentuates her fuller hips. The push up of the corset accentuates the fullness of her breasts. This dress for Jen’s figure would be best finished with attached capsleeves or subtle gathers falling off the shoulder.

Many women these days are very fit – with pilates, yoga, step and weight lifting… as such many women’s figures are taking on a boxier form as they become more toned and firmed up. Here you see a classic strapless sweetheart gown finished with a slightly higher waistline just shy of an empire line to allow for Andrea’s sporty figure to have a very defined focal point right at the bustline. The stitching and lace detailing of the gown done in small patterning and a subtle tone on tone variation provide for a visual diversion and provide a softness that her toned body otherwise might lack. The traditional elegance is a nice counterpoint to the modern lifestyle lead by this model.

Thanks Scott for the very helpful tips!

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A Walk Through A Day in the Mountains!

A few more highlights of Tahoe Unveiled’s A Day in the Mountains!

Rustic Elegance – our vignette displaying multiple uses of organic elements paired with simple elegant accents. Lanterns hanging at various heights posed as a unique take on the chandelier. Grapevine balls on top of a burlap table runner provided a rustic element, while bright green, peach, and cream flowers elegantly incorporated pops of color. Diana Thale of Stems by Diana created the lovely arrangements; Crate & Barrel provided the leaf plates & napkin rings, roulette dinnerware, kyoto silverware, and viv glassware; La Tavola linen provided the burlap runner, copper duponique linen, and the moss napkins; and Crux provided the wooden bench, rattan dining chairs, grapevine balls, and lanterns.

Sara Spurlock, owner of Bellissima Floral Creations, embraced her exhibit space by designing and constructing a beautiful chandelier out of metal, birch, various glass and metal vases. The bright colors paired with the soft cream hydrangeas perfectly complimented the La Tavola Pompeii Spiga linen.

Martha Bernyk Floral Design created a stunning arrangement to pair with the Caitlin Slate La Tavola Linen. Johnstone Studios exposed their creative skills with oversized prints displayed in a gallery setting.

From top left: Doxa Studios, Jessi LeMay Photography, Twig & Fig, and Stems by Diana.

One of our lovely Boobs & Butt’s models + Swoon’s bridal couture.

Up next, the presentations!

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Last weekend’s, A Day in the Mountain’s event was fabulous! Each exhibitor constructed gorgeous displays, Scott and Catherine presented comical and very educational material, and the wine and appetizers were delicious! Here are a few of the many highlights!

As guests arrived, they were treated to a collection of goodies: a beautiful letterpress program printed by Paper Moon and designed by Claire Anderson Creative, burlap gift bags from Uncorked, a latin trio from Hip Entertainment, and a Tahoe Unveiled ice sculpture by North Tahoe Catering.

The bar, the main focal point when guests entered the room! Bellissima Floral created a gorgeous and romantic setting with candles glowing from the center with bright pinks and greens surrounding the haven.

To offer brides inspiration beyond the exhibitor spaces, we created five different vignettes representing specific styles from the linen to the accessories & florals to the dinnerware. Our contemporary vignette shown above, showcases Crate and Barrel square dinnerware + twist silverware + edge wine glasses, La Tavola linens, Martha Bernyk Floral Design, and Twig & Fig stationary. What you can’t see here is the gorgeous chivari chair covers that La Tavola provided. They were the icing on the cake – perfect dresses for simple chairs!

A few examples of the beautiful displays from some of our exhibitors. From the top: Crux Events and Party Rents, Twig & Fig, and Stems by Diana.

Stay tuned for more images and inspiration!

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