Your Tahoe Wedding needs a Silicone Wedding Ring

You may be wondering why on earth you’d opt to wear a silicone wedding ring if you’ve got a gorgeous diamond one, and I totally understand; I’ve been contemplating similarly. Finally, I took matters into my own hands and researched the reason behind these interesting pieces of wearable rubber.

But “interesting” is just one word to describe these medical-grade silicone rings. They’re also extremely sensical, and while I may have been skeptical of them for the past few months, their practicalness has converted me.

You may not jump at the idea of swapping out your new wedding band for a rubber one right after your Lake Tahoe wedding, but for the sake of preserving its flawlessness, it may also be a wise idea. A silicone wedding ring will let you enjoy your stay at Lake Tahoe that much more. Goodbye fear of damage, hello wet ‘n wild play!

Here are the predominant reasons today’s husbands and wives are opting for silicone wedding rings.


1. They let others know you’re married, even when you’re in the weight room.



2. They protect your precious stone from wear and tear during long summer days on the beach.



3. They’re great for travel; you don’t have to worry about losing your diamond.



4. They’re perfect for hiking; you can hardly feel them.



5. If you’re renovating your house, or working with paint or in the garden, they’ll save you from scratching your more expensive wedding band.



Perhaps you’re of the camp that feels removing your wedding ring until it’s safe to wear it again is enough of a declaration of your devotion, but if you feel naked without it, the silicone ring is your solution. It lets you get after it as intensely as you want without worrying about misplacing, losing, or damaging your main bling.

Enjoy your Lake Tahoe wedding to the max—try a silicone wedding band.

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