Unique Flower Girl Ideas for a Unique Tahoe Wedding

I went to a wedding a few months ago where the bride asked her grandmother to be her flower girl. I’ll give you a moment to fishing awww-ing.

The grandmother wore a lilac dress and large sun hat, and she so proudly scattered the rose petals as she walked down the aisle, beaming. The congregation loved it, and her performance was irrefutably a highlight of the day, and a gesture her granddaughter will never forget.

This got me thinking about unique flower girl ideas, and how minor changes can make the world of difference. I researched outside-the-box things your flower girl can do, and here’s what I found. Try one, or something similar, at your Lake Tahoe wedding. It’ll give your guests just one more thing to swoon over.

Use a Grandparent, or TWO!

Swap Petals for Balloons

Swap Petals for Bubbles!

Spice Up their Outfits

Let them Team Up

Make her Teeny Tiny

Let her Dance!

Let her Walk your Dog

Put ’em in a Wagon

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