Tahoe Brides Swap Closed Toe Heels for Sandals

Not to be blunt, but nobody likes a sweaty foot. And since a summertime Lake Tahoe wedding means warm temps and cloudless skies, that’s exactly what you risk in toe-covered heels. The solution: bridal sandals.

Sandals? You heard me right. I’m not talking plastic flip-flops; I’m talking something a little more delicate, something a little more bridal-y. From braided straps to those strung with pearls, we’ve found the perfect summer wedding sandal, a sandal that’ll keep your feet cool, blister-free, and ready to take on the dance floor all night long.

Another bonus to bridal sandals is that you can wear them again and again. They’ll make any casual outfit cuter after your big day, and each time you wear them, you’ll be mentally transported back to the happiest day of your life. Win-win.

We give two thumbs up to repurposing, two thumbs up to comfort, and two thumbs up to the bridal sandal. Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

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