Lake Tahoe Wedding Tips | Melina Wallisch Talks Wedding Poses

Not sure what kind of photos you want on your big day? With an ever-growing wedding industry and an increasing number of creative teams out there, it can be hard to decide what you want for your photo album! Luckily, the talented Melina Wallisch is here to talk about her favorite wedding poses. Maybe you’ll fall in love them, too!

While I put my own unique spin on it, I always make sure to get the simple pose of the bride and groom, full body, looking at me. Yes it is fun to be creative and artistic and capture different angles and moods and light, but I always make sure I get this classic pose first.

As far as bride and groom poses, I always bend it to the personality of the couple. Other poses I love are holding hands looking at each other, foreheads together – just the two of them loving each other in whatever way feels the best to them . . . embracing, jumping, having fun, and being in love!

Photos courtesy of Melina Wallisch.

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