Lake Tahoe Wedding Inspiration | Woodland Masquerade

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I have been totally obsessed with masks lately. With my serendipitous wedding photobooth mask find on Etsy a few days ago,  I’m once again all fired up about masks. And, let’s face it, as a mountain girl, I like nature; I like the forest; I like seeing wild creatures enjoy my backyard as much as I do. And, as a mountain wedding blogger, I love, love, love woodland wedding inspiration. So when I think of a masquerade wedding, I think of cute little woodland masks. Here’s a roundup of ideas and a tidbit of advice for your mountain girl delight. MWAH! ~Christie O. {Hindsight Bride}

Pick a Suitable Venue

woodland masks at the natural history museum Mark Brooke Photographers via Green Wedding Shoes

Your venue can make all the difference when you are donning masks. Here, the couple and bridal party sport various masks at their wedding at Natural History Museum wedding. How incredibly apt. But you don’t need to find a natural history museum to have fun with woodland and animal masks. Pretty much any place in the mountains is appropriate: a rustic lodge, a wooded grove, or even a hotel (think of the elegant and daring venetian masquerades of the Renaissance!)


Scratch the Itch with Engagement Shoots

zebra and monkey mask Nicole Pfeiffer via The Sweetest Occassion

Not so sure about traipsing around in animal masks for your wedding. No prob. Sport them at your engagement shoot instead. You’ll scratch that creative artful itch you have without leaving Grandma and Great Aunt Fannie dumbfounded at your wedding.

Limit When and Where

woodland wedding masquerade Brooke Courtney Photography via The Knotty Bride

Ahhhh, but the woods are so compelling for this sort of thing, no? Still want to don masks but don’t want to confuse the older and more traditional crowd? Limit them to a few fun bridal portraits with your wedding party, relegate them to the photo booth, or break them out during the crazy after party with your closest friends.


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