After hiring Butter + Salt to cater a few of our events and hearing the enormous praise for their service and food, we knew they had to be a Tahoe Unveiled vendor. Owners Aubry and Tyler are the perfect team in the kitchen and out, specializing in intimate dinners and multiple course meals, they also give their clients the time and attention needed for a once in a lifetime event. We wanted to know a little bit more about the inner workings of Butter + Salt so asked the couple (who are also married) a few questions.

glenbrook lake tahoe wedding-5 Rose Street Studios

Who taught you about food and entertaining?
We attribute our knowledge of food and entertaining to our parents and our education. Our parents adored entertaining. From having a few people over for wine and cheese to a huge backyard bbq. The ease of pulling things together to entertain seems to be in our souls. We refined our culinary skills to prepare high-end food for events when we both graduated from the best culinary school in the country, The Culinary Institute of America. The chefs and instructors that influenced us not only shared how to deliver unique flavors and dishes, they also shared the ease of how to do it professionally.

What inspires you to come up with your ideas?
We have a tender love for gardening and growing fruits and vegetables. We both worked at farm-to-table restaurants and find value in using seasonal ingredients far more than just to say it’s seasonal. Butter + Salt has it’s own 800sq. ft. garden in Gardnerville, Nevada about twenty minutes from Lake Tahoe. Food tastes better straight out of the ground. Our menus tend to reflect that love for fresh and cyclical produce. We have been lucky to travel to Europe and value the way Europeans eat; garden-fresh, homemade and simple. Butter + Salt’s name is actually derived from our philosophy of balance of flavors and utilizing the best ingredients to highlight the natural flavors of food.

Butter + Salt One-Carrots

What is your mission behind a menu?
Our mission is to always evoke a memory, create a lasting impression and focus on our client’s preferred flavor profiles and dishes.

What are some of your clients’ favorite dishes?
We are always developing new menus for each of our client’s. However, some see our sample menus from previous events and request it. Our current requested dishes is our Ahi Tuna Tartar with Avocado on a shaved Watermelon Radish and our Mexican Street Corn of shaved grilled corn with cotija cheese, lime, cilantro + smoked paprika. The one dish that has always been requested and adored is our Cumin Roasted Carrots with Strained Honey Yogurt, Goat Cheese and Shaved Almonds.

Butter + Salt 15 Mushroom

Any creative ways to dress up that ubiquitous chicken entree?
Haha! Chicken can be ubiquitous. However it can always be made really well. We like to roast chicken, grill it with lavender and orange, deep fry it and serve it with honey for guests to self-drizzle and even cover it in Greek oregano and serve it with tzatziki!

What are some of your favorite dishes?
We really love making homemade breads; focaccia, brioche, country loaf, brown butter cornbread to name a few. We make flavored salts and butters to go along with them too. We like developing deep flavors in our slowly braised stews like Pork Adovada. We also like creating dishes from influences of different cultures. Our Cumin Roasted Carrots with Strained Yogurt, Goat Cheese and Shaved Almonds might be our number one favorite.

What are the newest food trends you’re seeing in entertaining?
We see our clients wanting elevated comfort food more and more. We love it. Hushpuppies are a classic. We make them with crab and serve them with citrus aioli to put a sophisticated twist on them. We also see simple food becoming trendy. The simplest foods made with wholesome ingredients and prepared correctly can say more than most dishes. We have been doing more and more simple cakes and unique desserts for our clients. We make modest cakes with lavender buttercream, doughnuts with rose sugar, caramel apple pies with bourbon whipped cream; twists on the classics to make it familiar but still contemporary.

Butter + Salt 7 Dessert

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The blue jewel of the Sierra sparkles and shines during the warmer months, with the smell of pines lingering in the air. Lake Tahoe is known for it’s deep beauty, and that fame is especially apparent in the spring and summer months. Planning a Lake Tahoe wedding in the summer and spring also brings an array of incredible activities.

lake tahoe summer

1. Explore the lake by boat: With the summer and spring sun shining down, there is no better time to book an evening on the Tahoe Sailing Charters.

lake tahoe sailing

2. Spend the day at Sugar Pine Point: Pack a picnic and find a secluded spot to enjoy the company of your sweetheart.

donner lake public dock

3. Visit the East Shore: Enjoy one of Tahoe’s white-sand beaches and stay for an incredible sunset.

east shore lake tahoe

4. Take a yoga class: Lake Tahoe offers some wonderful yoga classes at premier locations, like the new Yoga Room in Tahoe City or Wanderslust in Squaw Valley.

lake tahoe yoga

5. Horseback ride through the Sierra: Enjoy the incredible natural wonder of this area on horseback. With blue skies glowing and wonderful flowers blooming, a romantic horseback ride through the stunning Lake Tahoe scenery is perfect for couples.

tahoe horseback riding

And don’t forget to stop by Tahoe House for your morning coffee.

lake tahoe coffee tahoe house

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Lake Tahoe Wedding by Summit Soiree

From the moment I laid my eyes on this breathtaking wedding from One Love Photography, I knew I was going to fall in love. Shannon & Brad held their wedding at a private estate near the shores of Lake Tahoe. If the backdrop wasn’t gorgeous enough; they’ve added seamless design by our favorite ladies at Summit Soiree and D’lish Catering, plus a lush mixture of garden roses and baby’s breath from Martha Bernyk Floral Design to make this one stunning Lake Tahoe celebration.

Lake Tahoe Wedding

Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography Lake Tahoe Wedding by One Love Photography
Wedding Venue | Private Lake Tahoe Estate (contact Summit Soiree for details)
Photography | One Love photography
Wedding Planner | Summit Soiree
Caterer | D’lish Catering
Cake | Melody Pobanz, cousin of the bride
Rentals | EventMasters
Florist | Martha Bernyk Floral Design

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With the endless supply of design options for wedding invitations it’s hard to decide on just one. One thing we are sure of is that we love the look of a bold wedding invitation. Something that will punch your guests in the face, not literally.

New floral designs and patterns are moving away from the classic and traditional to something intensely vibrant and modern. Whether you add a touch of floral to your wedding suite by adding a floral envelope liner or go all the way with a vibrant bouquet on the main stationary, try this 2015 wedding trend at your upcoming Lake Tahoe nuptials.

floral wedding invitations clockwise from top left: Hey Pretty Wedding | Wedding Paper Divas | The Lane | Betty Lu Designs


floral wedding invite clockwise from top left: Green Tie Studio | Green Tie Studio via Oh So Beautiful Paper | Quite Fetching Invites | Paper Crave


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It’s not easy to incorporate sunflowers into a wedding but Kelley and Patrick executed this wedding trend beautifully. From the bouquets and centerpieces to cake flowers, sunflowers play a large decor role at this PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn wedding captured by Handlebar Studios.

The bride’s hair, styled by Alex of Studio 89 Salon, perfectly matched the summer mood. And with  Brian Hess proving cocktail and reception music, we know the everyone had an amazing time.

plumpjack squaw valley wedding-2 plumpjack squaw valley wedding-13 sunflower bridal bouquet plumpjack squaw valley wedding-15 lake taheo wedding ideas squaw valley wedding ceremony plumpjack squaw valley wedding-17 Lake Tahoe Music Brian Hess plumpjack squaw valley wedding plumpjack squaw valley wedding-18 plumpjack squaw valley wedding-6 plumpjack squaw valley wedding-10 plumpjack squaw valley wedding-9 plumpjack squaw valley wedding-8 chair wedding decor plumpjack squaw valley wedding-7 plumpjack squaw valley wedding-1 plumpjack squaw valley wedding-12 plumpjack squaw valley wedding-11 plumpjack squaw valley wedding-3 sunflower wedding decor plumpjack squaw valley wedding-14

From the photographer, Stephanie ~
I had the pleasure of photographing Kelley and Patrick at their PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn Wedding. It was a beautiful day with practically no clouds in the sky and tons of warm and happy family members buzzing about the resort. I love it when you walk into the brides room for the 1st time and the vibe is so calm and happy. Thats how it was with Kelley! All the girls were sitting around drinking champagne, laughing and listening to some great music. I knew that this day was starting off on the right foot and if the rest of the day was like this, we were in for a great day. No surprise that men were in the exact same mood and the day rolled along perfectly!

Kelley decided on fall flowers which I was totally in the mood for! Now, don’t get me wrong… there is nothing bad about roses and peonies but the nights are getting cooler and the days are milder which brings along a feeling of late summer and fall. Kelley’s Sunflower bouquet matched that feeling to a “T” and it fit the venue PlumpJack wonderfully. If you have never been to Squaw Valley, CA I highly suggest that you do! There is wonderful shopping, a gondola that will take you to the top, breathtaking views and the ability to check out the old Olympic area is always a plus.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Photography : Handlebar Studios | Wedding Venue : PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn | Flowers : Anne Mendhenhall Flowers | Makeup : Kiss and Makeup | Hair Stylist : Studio 89 Salon | Wedding Coordinator: Rachael Peetz of RSVP Events | Music : Brian Hess Music | Cake : One Barbara Mott of Divine Cake | Carriage Ride : Dwight Borges | Lighting : Crux Events | Invitations : Inspirations by Amie Lee | Wedding Videographer : Sky Rondenet of  XOXO Video

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diamond engagement ring 1 Jake Anderson Photo

It’s National Proposal Day and we are thinking DIAMONDS! From the ultra unique to classic engagement designs, who doesn’t want a little bling on their finger? But do you know exactly what to look for in a diamond? Most people don’t and it’s important to be educated so you can make the right decision. Here are our tips for selecting the perfect stone.

When buying a diamond always remember the 4 C’s. That’s Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

Cut refers to the number and placement of the angles, or facets, applied to a diamond. The cut of a diamond has the most influence on a diamond’s sparkle and brilliance. When looking at cut try make sure to purchase a diamond with an Ideal (excellent) or Very Good cut rating.

Color identifies the amount of yellow tint in a diamond. When it comes to the color, less is more.The most valuable and rare diamonds are colorless. Color is rated using the letters D through Z, with colorless diamonds scored as D. The yellower a diamond is, the lower color rating it receives. When looking at color look for diamonds rated D-F.

Clarity  is a measure of the number and size of the tiny flaws that are present. Most diamonds carry small natural imperfections—the fewer the imperfections, the higher clarity grade a diamond receives. The highest clarity diamonds receive a rating of FL (flawless) or VVS (very, very slightly included).

Carat identifies the overall size of the diamond, but keep in mind that the shape and cut of a diamond can affect how large the stone appears. When selecting the carat consider the size of your finger, the size of your setting, and your budget. We took a look around the web and gathered some of our favorite new (and old) designs.


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We are very excited to introduce our newest Tahoe Unveiled vendor, florist Brandie Chisholm of  B&B Designs. Brandie has been creating gorgeous floral designs for Lake Tahoe weddings for years and we absolutely love her creativity and style. Here are Brandie’s top tips for choosing your wedding flowers.

(Photography provided by Handlebar Studios)

1. Where to begin. Create a folder or Pinterest board and place images that you like in it. You should start to notice a pattern or a theme through these images that will ultimately help you decide on your style, theme and color palette.

handlebar studios 3

2. Choose your color palette. Pick your main color/colors based on colors you have always liked. Remember that not every flower comes in every color, so if a specific flower is more important to you then the color, then you may want to pick your color based on that flower. Couples should also be open to a range of colors, due to the fact that flowers come from nature and may come in shades of your color but not the exact color.

Handlebar Studios 2

3. Decide on a style or theme that fits YOU. The flowers are the perfect way to relay your theme to your guests. How your flowers are designed should have a reflection on you the couple. A couple should think about what style best describes them, whether it be elegant, classical, rustic, vintage, country, etc and choose that style that best fits them. Also, keep in mind the venue you have selected because it too may influence this decision.

handlebar studios 4

4. Set aside a floral budget. Most people don’t realize the expense of flowers and often cut this part of the budget short. Couples, however, should remember that the flowers are what brings everything together. They add the extra beauty to your space and photos, and are a way to transform your venue, represent your style, and create the “wow” effect that your guests will remember.

Handlebar Studios 1

5. 2015 wedding flower trends. This year in color I am seeing a lot of whites, creams, and blushes with a marsala/burgundy accent and touches of gold. I am also noticing that bouquets and arrangements are loosening up and overall vases are moving toward a more elegant container. Garland is also making a huge appearance in this year’s wedding scene.

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Bridesmaids dresses are a focal point of any wedding. So its completely understandable that a lot of time and effort is put into this one aspect of your wedding. Don’t let this process be harder and more stressful than it should. With the help of  Weddington Way you and your maids can browse through hundred of dresses that can be organized into style, color, fabric and more. The virtual showroom makes shopping for dresses with out of town bridesmaids a easy. Brides, you sign up for an account, add your favorite dresses and invite your maids to like and comment on the dresses. This year we are loving the mismatched chiffon styles from Weddington Way. From a formal affair to a summer soiree, mismatched bridesmaids dresses works for any wedding style. We picked two of our favorite looks below.

For a formal look, stick to the same fabric in different styles and shades of neutral and bush:

mismatched bridesmaids Dessy Bridesmaids Dresses available on Weddington Way: 2894, 2880, 2908


For a fun summer look, mix styles and fabrics, from metallic to lace:

mismatched bridesmaids cocktail

Bridesmaids Dresses from Weddington Way’s Collection: Sophia, Harlow, Zoe

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