Many of us associate twinkle light with college dorm rooms and patio decor but we’re here to tell you that they can be the perfect final touch to your outdoor wedding. The ambiance created with the soft light given off by these tiny bulbs is hard to match and makes for a cozy, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

There are so many different way to incorporate these lights into your wedding, be it draping them in a canopy over your guests, using them as centerpieces, wrapping them around tree limbs, or even haphazardly hanging them behind your cake or welcome station — you will not regret adding twinkle lights to your outdoor wedding decor.

  Twinkle Lights 2 Inside Weddings // Refinery 29

Twinkle Lights -1
Colin Cowie Weddings

Twinkle Lights 4
Knot and Nest Design // Mod Wedding

Twinkle Lights 1
ciao! Newport Beach // Mospen Studio

Twinkle Lights 5
Deer Pearl Flowers // Style Me Pretty

Twinkle Lights 7
Inside Weddings // Bohemian Wedding

Twinkle Lights 8
Style Me Pretty // BHG

Twinkle Lights 9
Holy-Craft // Ruffled Blog

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It’s not always the bridal session and portraits are featured and we’d like to change that! When you have a Marchesa wedding dress paired with the most glamorous Miu Miu heels how can you not?

This bridal shoot was taken with real-life bride, Heather, who wore a the stunning lace mermaid gown which she found at The Bridal Garden, a not-for-profit bridal boutique in New York City in which all proceeds benefit education for disadvantaged children. “It was awesome to know my purchase went to such a terrific cause! I bought it off the rack and it fit me almost perfectly!” says the bride.

Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0052_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0061_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0198Edit_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0205_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0060_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0243_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0229Edit_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0256_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0125_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0273Edit_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0276Edit_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0267_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0287Edit_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0048_low Lean_Harloff_Zorz_Studios_HBWed0994Edit_low

Wedding Vendors:
Photographer:  Zorz Studios | Dress Designer: Marchesa | Event Planner: Events by Parties N All LLC | Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo Collection | Shoes: Miu Miu | Dress Store: The Bridal Garden | Invitation Designer: Wedding Paper Divas

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This Incline Village wedding at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe is absolutely stunning. We love the deep red and purples incorporated into the decor and bright floral design from Art in Bloom. The entire day was captured by one of our favorite Lake Tahoe wedding photographers, Corey Fox Photography.

GabeJennaWedding-176 Gabe+JennaWedding-148


Corey Fox - Hyatt-3    Corey Fox - Hyatt-1 Corey Fox - Hyatt-8 Corey Fox - Hyatt-7   Gabe+JennaWedding-225   Corey Fox - Hyatt-2 Corey Fox - Hyatt-6 Corey Fox - Hyatt-9 Gabe+JennaWedding-216 Gabe+JennaWedding-236   Corey Fox - Hyatt-11   Gabe+JennaWedding-189   Corey Fox - Hyatt 1 Corey Fox - Hyatt-13 Corey Fox - Hyatt 3 ÕÜáG·¶–=å·gnk“¶›h<p[î;P‚þœsK¹õ1<3¬†KyH,rËêiö.£'øŒŠ7M´ÈS"ê{Lmß~I9ùәœÛµ÷¦Ï´(8 üx®n_·g±»öBùŽÏøï…Ë=GRž{‚Éöie–ÑŽ:RË©ò¬ëiJLÒjmi#¡i7‚]*ÞLó݀~b»øòÞ1ÁœýG|¬ž¤â¯ep¼õ£hM[ãA&֘dmôæ(…‹ÍòÆØ0[7½ ñP¥-AºÀ³±ûh¿à_íGX;VE¦ŸŸôXú×ûSÔ¦"‚ÑNRÔú…Qú z…¶µÚH–{öLp W74Ýtq_o¤±÷k‹i™I4û„«þÇN†æRǞ‚º82õÏÏÝ­¾šÏI–HöçiåŽã]q?„Ë&«ÙnÙE©jpÚl*ðD0q…'Ϛ¬££òx:OúÞ.u(â±û*k;^z¾ vêæ︊×j)ÃÊíøQ²SЂ|ñL?ÿÖØ.õI¡S”.Aãçå]R!®Z0Ûv±ê+>Ëê~+ð@$ÕL‹©˜ï­TȺ™Šè©’lhHútÓjV÷1ªU¿QQÉë^/–Ôg†È@ã©Æ¯8»ïsÎi§@ÈàñHàMnŽ9i[]èÍ·N1gÜ'¶ãò0Ïù[©–㊢·Nµ[uô—½µÔ“œè¨`PðIõ«•çe5^ïo;¢ÓýC9ÌeO —ÌÕm#ŬÜȅÒшd2E!×Q¸ïÖ3nB¯ž(ØJæî^ý!‡Ò°äåùÓØ`]K$¥cbŒa¤'–oAFƋŮIØ®bmùl¿—Š]†…ìdGˆd%ñž:Sì4–™{5Ôï4ÁãTm±Dxf‰Ò³Q½FÔ&9óÅcž^º0ž·«Ò”§¤ý¢ëŠUٍõ¯áe%õGôk£^Ãy<×$©Ü@F_/<•ù™Jé/anX6þÍfóm:а}¼Š	h°,†ß‰¦NFh'ÿ×ܦ솾àíšÕ¾eÇÿÍr^ 蜱[qØ~Ùä˜}‘ýzËú­g&“›àì—lÐ}m´$ùì˜Ô _ùó./_[jº‚Œ¸òÆz&Rý	e«YË"¢¸Üz RŽ¢vŠÌ5ªÈFvœÕeô|wÕ=°UéY¶§–CŽ´Ò‘‰ ô*ˀã"«­c–RÔ¦±º•6¼;—Ó#ûÑÖ£Ä=šýÜãÐýéjŸ«+`ÙÈG¨Áþ´µ¡âÞ³åìfSжß/¡ãÆ[Õð-¤¡GOÅM·ú=ÏrNZÖOÅö©÷ú=$&œa°ßڞèÒks û?Ù4÷KMJi®šîfî¤åÙoíX]í×$бJÛ¶¸*ꑃüé•ÈiÚ$An¤_:]Žâ*ÞI‘Í>Éê¸Ðî^I›wE®1ä‹K™#i6PO5®Ñ‹ÖkQå¹&–VÑ̀ùѲEœzÒØ*ÝøÜcað–ŸÿÐìÃ8©1©„ÃcñÅÕár3š;T'»ÂœQØL]V²ÚT»ÂŒŠ1–%Aã%æ¯K¹uÇöÒ³Lí‡M¶šèg—¹šM¡6u<·½é³ÂßgãzmÉÁû]/ƒddⓙœš	 h	4·qL<K4Ãèoõ¤W¦NeÚk©´—íŽM€ÿ…þ•çråûסǏë	¼® gÙsÌÀÑÙZgÚ1GaՖ֮-#f„ã=MN|–O㔮­ßj®É&%JŸùÔpóe•ôrqÉWòj1©‘†}Ð9®›k	ŒQ¿iõ«i;¹œ<öš‹iAûku±™¦Áf§.[pÀ¡í¥Ë‚ëqò’‹ÃÿÑèZwhE«Éi{¨âçbnåbŽf4wÎ2ˆêÍ÷wlû,U+l¤`qXutl)-Øt¥qT ´n½ENª goZ“Ó¥iÞÑwØ«&€Bò¤p2¤Ç•àóƒÇ¥z¿wŒp]NK·1nÐêVwÃKE}Gº»C°¬ìrŠ<qe±]^¾=é<ß÷¼?gÄå®Ý,SßÜ»î•É?íàËÛ]’ê¹Ó#ä¡ÅEŦ9«ä¶•<²*:´”¬®ËÔTZ©š…㈙kòñr1ÙYu¨Öݟ?Ç¿²yþ3B1O¨3bRF:dñ^Ÿ÷o;’øØ]¡È·€k¡œ•³Óä÷íaoƧãéF¡n‚úˆã §Û7û¤þÔºOèwËûÿÒê÷6vwJVd67ð¶%…p|>ñ}êšrfô(”ªDáv,@wŽ|1†ÙçöK³ò}g¿â¨Ùég§[ZÙ@°[/w`^¸`SØÓX·pÒ~Ñ'ó5͋ª0UY RÂ5n*:«`éñ8©ËS’«.»:²©ÚØÍg—ãÊÒs+¢ìýí•Çz§ríÀ¥‡[±—,­·èæÚêïÞsÒ"§äXÿ2+¯†j99>Û·û.2ð3⠃Ÿæµì×-â&™¨¥Ïx¶è҈ܤ²*+Ž¨	9,¾uR±åšºN}vÒÞgIAH Ç´Ü;"Å<„ÜOŠCþ­<_ñrm–ŸÿÓé«Dçú×'™Wñ‰Fã;UIXA J…¦—ÉëSµÄ×8§ ·NÇK»J‘;eaº¸oŽ>o°uNÏéwê·Ml†é¡@²2aAû óµÓ2iÇ͔’oͯl­!´·X¢èê1þT[à“ÖµjØ®|k¦,§mU¥ ÈFje;’r‰Ž 9±'•Y)í:l:"-(8ë+3äþèý+lgŒ²÷"Óoyd9̜¬m'#>»~tôïÃÉìö‹}g`‚îw3]ÌÌ®‚W9•¢Pz;r¨ËáÝW§õ“Ù›K[抌v71†2Þ²Fùbwn#Ú¼l¿m?{“HÛÿÔØ­{ka!8RʹÜèAzz×ätüf¿m4ä²IÏLOëUòÂøªÇEí%Ž§y쐬‹.7aלæ›Ðø®¶¾îʚٓžö©;®Ñú8GŠý+‹ŸÌÜâDIÅe¶º$uR•I1è®Bb€“ãKjЫ>Z­¦ÃVý¯ŸD£Š˜ÌÙPI3…ó£ÿEÃÉ>Ñx&K9{Q¨{T°Ê Vš%Ž@¬7pF÷«®r×1†¿wŒ›eÛç‡çù _-þ‡ÇþÒý l)† ÷Xúüª¾Dô{ö…ˆ[‚	ÆwíGsè½£u]ÂØmÄL€=sŠ>AлvÇnåk2%(›Ç‰O²çGÊ9»cw,Wb=FýØã®T`ÔÞoôsC¨v»TŠP ¢6q€¹'œr:ÖW–´œq²v^þMWN7RBa+!M‡¯ãW†[Fxéa©ïN¹oHÏóâ«?ªœ>ãT‚l æ•ÕbrS´¤E$ZRž‘•Ôšˆïh4LØQ²Ó iÐìmâ#ݍA…vHâ·Ô–Ê HÁvÎ}çÊ›_–ê‹x@U1·`¬òR'ÿÕFhµ=âö«?fÜÒcv6íê8ä ó²ÆÇv6PãÔ#†Ñ¶€ÒÉ&|^Yü³Q¶[ÑpïuiåuF¸R9>#ñ§Ãï!rùÇÿkkÖûIk§]¤HÒÀ¦00~5՟'W&MëK@?dš^âl÷òÃ1Èø £#žyÝÇJ463‰Oz•HÎ֍rÌX Zz£p+© E‰% Ʊeœï(]¶¨(	Ïñf•þŽd¥²²´RG¹N#–V$§˜xUN3Á¥"­.öÀב¯²Ú@íä{S—`…ëáû_Õ趜+wS’kB¾*ªwdØ;GQÙ°i/5·gÙeö–WfÁ'Â|éK©ÿÓÊnÏø÷÷²!ŽYK#pʛ•§1Š÷Œ`”àúVu¤'$̼0ÅMɤˆ‹œQ3ç4wP7cwCkЧ>œþT®zz/mõýGY[ò8ã0<Ç2¡.yø|?‘žYXϗññǶ±ªßEܱ”I/2…ãñ®¾õÍÖ´Ö...M°‘XÆH—ÃúÕcµ9c úÐ¶µvSãéùÖ£ ×ÿÖèIZJ^ö^éã2À†DǁŸÒ£—ØÕñ嬜.ÇRI•$ÀQ¸pGו^Œ»tߢ[…/~	˖V»ó[~/ó¬ÿ#øÃ] ›Úu™d¤V¿‡Z®k¼‘Å<$Å«6¨ ¤ò)hÀ¸·‡ƒK,U,Ö¬:sYÜZJ£¯U5¨^W"¢™8n k{nU^ø©w÷FèÙrqZ|W÷‰äþ5¹Ýé’LñZóÅ1ß%ÓI p»}Þï#Åz7o;K Ôã¾ö§HöšÀG ‚OÙaŸz´ÔNëkki‚Ö(‹HüHÀ¬ÈÉãw‰°JFôÓÞXÅC~ÈeÄKïóhÂôÙïb”´Â¾Ô$6×YÜC$QÀ*ŇyÆY³Ón[vßz‹A; E¡±ôRÜÊҋhOVíÛyãìÔãN¬t›5¶¹eŠLÂA{’ÛËœcËÝÜOýk²§ÆÅažBÒ@²±ȼ3ÆzôÅ_‰ô5³³KT1Ü<Â2V9e%'›¹ó¥â¦Å1íÐ-äÜÜJÙ 	Óð¬òþ;ÿkÿ:ÿJÙ½k&‘ÂäŠiቩX¹K¾œXf3ÍEÁS2’Á4|2Ÿgq±rÊ^B@©Ú¢®þy+<ª¤5ØV’^Õɵ”bqê77÷ÅoøÓö¬'øÇC©»ŽÕ3rÂBJ÷€`íé‘]³íÅþh° »v&–‘½âÙ+ÏåZqÄeT?HZå¤JÂTŠ0A÷˜úu­±ž½ÁãÇ'ÿ×ëóˆ Corey Fox - Hyatt-15 Corey Fox - Hyatt 2




From the bride~
We always love going to Tahoe, it is our favorite place to go and the Hyatt is such a beautiful venue. We loved how where the ceremony was you could see the water through the trees and we always envisioned having the cocktail hour on the dock when we saw the venue.

Since it was in Tahoe we wanted it to have a Tahoe theme. We had all the decorations have lots of wood and pinecones incorporated throughout the tables to make it have a rustic feel. Even the invitations had a Tahoe theme with trees printed on them and Tahoe stamps. I wanted the flowers to be rich jewel tone pinks, reds and purples, so I kept the bridesmaids dresses very neutral in different shades of grey to really pop the flowers.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Venue: The Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe | Photographer: Corey Fox Photography | Florist: Art in Bloom | Hair Stylist:  The Bride’s Cousin |
Make-Up: Kiss & Make Up | Bridesmaids Dress Designers: Mori Lee, The Dessy Group, Watters, and Jordan | Wedding Dress: Pronovias from Novella Bridal | Videographer: Divided Line Media | Officiant: Bride and Groom’s Friend | Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux | Lighting: Red Carpet Events | Music: Music & More Entertainment

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Now I must admit…I’m not a “pink” girl. I don’t own anything pink and it’s never the color that I would choose for any wall or home decor. But when I came across this gorgeous cake on instgram I just fell in love! There is something about a soft pink that is so utterly romantic. I love this half naked cake as well – it creates a rustic yet refined touch. And that giant bouquet on top – perfection!


Cake: @dessertstomach | Flowers: @flowersbyren


More PINK Wedding Ideas

pink wedding ideas Photo Credits: Sweetlife Photography | Lacie Hansen | Donnie Zavala | Matthew Land Studios



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Boho Hair Tutorial 1 As a wedding blogger, social media manager, and outdoor activity addict, I know how crazy life can get. Having just a few moments to put my hair together in the morning often means a ponytail or long and wet. So I was extremely excited when I found this simple boho hair tutorial from Rocky Mountain Bride. It’s quick, easy and looks incredibly stylish.

STEP ONE: Beginning with loose curls or straight hair, piece and pick up the hair on the right side of your temple.

STEP TWO: Gently twisting that piece, bring it across the back of your head to the left side. Stop behind your left ear.

Boho Hair Tutorial 1
STEP THREE: Secure in place with a bobby pin.

STEP FOUR: Piece and pick up the hair on the left side of your temple.

Boho Hair Tutorial 2
STEP FIVE: Gently twist that piece and bring it across the back of your head to the right side. Stop behind your right ear.

STEP SIX: Secure in place with a bobby pin. Repeat as desired using alternating pieces of hair from the left and right side. Voila!

Boho Hair Tutorial 3 Boho Hair Tutorial 4

Photographer: Jennifer Munoz Photography | Hair, Makeup + Model: Savanah Poulsen – Bold Beautiful Life | Venue: Blooms Flower Studio

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The designer dress I love is outside my budget, but online it’s much cheaper. What gives?


Your wedding gown is probably one of the most expensive (and sentimental) pieces of clothing you’ll ever buy. And while online stores offering wild discounts can be tempting, it’s important to know what you might be getting. Some of these sellers are transparent about the fact that they are producing knockoffs; others claim to have a mysterious stockpile of designer frocks priced at a fraction of the retail cost.

Chances are, the creative genius behind the dress your adore had zero hand in making the bargain version sold online. Many of these garments are made in China, and most arrive as barely recognizable facsimiles of the ones they’re attempting to copy — think unfinished hems, visible threads, plastic beading, you get the point. Now add fit issues, shipping delays, sketchy return policies (if any), and that leads to wedding disaster!

Although, not all online stores are bad, of course. To make sure the gown you’re buying is legit, check to see that the business has a physical address, preferably in the United States. Then head over to the designer’s website for a list of authorized retailers; cross-reference to confirm that the online retailer and designer are, in fact, doing business together.

Remember that this piece of clothing may become a family heirloom. A less expensive option may save your dollars now but it’ll cost you in the long-run and save your sanity!

See below for a few of our favorite Pronovias’ 2017 collection:

Pronovias 2017 wedding dresses Pronovias 2017 wedding dresses pronovias Pronovias 2017 wedding dresses

Got a question?

Email us at

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We love the idea of incorporating bright, pops of color into your wedding decor and palette. These elements can be as subtle or as extravagant as you want but we love pairing bright colors with the rustic charm that goes along with a Lake Tahoe wedding.

If these bright colors are too much for your partner we suggest incorporating them in a bridal shower or similar event.

Bright Color Palate 1
Mod Wedding // Ruffled Blog

Bright Color Palate-1
The Knot

Bright Color Palate 2
Off Beat Bride // Ruffled Blog

Bright Color Palate-2
Bridal Guide

Bright Color Palate 3
My Domain // Ruffled Blog

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edgewood lake tahoe wedding-21

Rachel and David’s navy and white Lake Tahoe wedding was held at Edgewood Lake Tahoe. The couple chose this location as their destination wedding venue because of it’s lakefront locale, immaculate golf course setting and classic Tahoe cabin feel. Captured by Angie Capri Photography, this lakefront wedding doused in orchids and sweet treats is sure to make your day.


edgewood lake tahoe wedding-7 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-2 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-5 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-6 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-1 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-8 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-20 navy white wedding edgewood lake tahoe wedding-19 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-9 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-13 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-4 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-16 lake tahoe wedding edgewood lake tahoe wedding-18 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-17 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-12 edgewood lake tahoe wedding-14

Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Photography : Angie Capri Photography | Coordinator: Melissa of A Touch of Grace | Venue: Edgewood Lake Tahoe | Flowers: Thrans Flowers | Cake: Flour Girl Wedding Cakes | Hair & Makeup: The Makeup Movement | Dress shop & Jewelry: Kinsley James Bridal Couture | Dress designer: Liancarlo | Bridesmaid dresses: Lilac Dress Boutique | Custom hanger: Hanger Design Center | Custom ring holder and Table Numbers: That Family Shop

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