Instead of wearing a wedding band, my friend has a tattoo in the shape of a ring. Why? For one, his work is extremely physical and a band could  be hazardous, and two, he says he’ll never lose it. Plus, a tattoo is quite a bit cheaper than your traditional piece of metal. But would you go straight from your Lake Tahoe wedding venue to the tattoo parlor to get inked?

If you’ve yet to be convinced by the equation, “ink + marriage = forever,” we’ve gathered some inspirational photos that may convince you to join the inking bandwagon. It seems even Beyonce and Jay Z got matching tattoos after their marriage in 2008. If they did it, why not you?

To go along with your wedding-in-Lake-Tahoe theme, perhaps one of you could get the lake while the other gets the sky (Lake Tahoe is “Lake of the Sky,” after all), or one could get a pine cone while the other gets a pine tree. Just throwing out ideas!

“Hugs ‘n kisses for life”

“Because your lives revolve around each other like the sun and moon”

“When one cannot be without the other”

“The molecule of serotonin, because you make each other happy”

“The Key to my heart”

“The joint heart”

“Each other’s King and Queen”

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To go along with the rustic Tahoe wedding theme, here’s one suggestion: opt for mismatched chairs.

Mismatched chairs are sometimes thought of as shambolic, but what people truly mean when they’re commenting as such is that they’re charming. There’s just no alternative. Vintage chairs are, after all, a symbol of lasting love; they’ve been passed on from generation to generation, and, like marriage, they’ve stood the test of time.

Filling your ceremony with vintage chairs that don’t match adds so much dimension and intrigue. What’s more, they create an intimate, cozy, homemade feel, and who doesn’t appreciate that. We’re all about the warm fuzzies.

To inspire you on how to decorate your wedding with mismatched chairs, we’ve collected some of our favorite inspirational photos. Your Lake Tahoe wedding is about to be taken to the next level.

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Just when you thought nothing could be as cool as Lake Tahoe, literally and figuratively, patterned groomswear happened.

Let your husband-to-be have some fun with his wedding day attire by swapping solid ties and shirts for something patterned. We’re talking flowers, stripes, polka dots, paisley, the whole kit and caboodle.

Patterned groomswear not only spices the ceremony up, it also adds to pictures, pictures you’ll have on show for life. No wall or mantlepiece doesn’t love a little extra color.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of our favorite cases of patterned groomswear. Feast your eyes!

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Since you’re only getting married once, be sure to capitalize on the special occasion. By this, we mean take photos galore. But don’t settle for the ordinary; instead, spice up your memorable snaps with fun (and mostly awww-inducing) spins.

Here are some “Just Married” photograph ideas that are 100% appropriate for a Lake Tahoe wedding. Be it taken on a chairlift or in a vintage wooden canoe, your friends and family will love seeing the announcement. Most of all, it’ll make for great wall art in your first home as newlyweds.

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You may be wondering why on earth you’d opt to wear a silicone wedding ring if you’ve got a gorgeous diamond one, and I totally understand; I’ve been contemplating similarly. Finally, I took matters into my own hands and researched the reason behind these interesting pieces of wearable rubber.

But “interesting” is just one word to describe these medical-grade silicone rings. They’re also extremely sensical, and while I may have been skeptical of them for the past few months, their practicalness has converted me.

You may not jump at the idea of swapping out your new wedding band for a rubber one right after your Lake Tahoe wedding, but for the sake of preserving its flawlessness, it may also be a wise idea. A silicone wedding ring will let you enjoy your stay at Lake Tahoe that much more. Goodbye fear of damage, hello wet ‘n wild play!

Here are the predominant reasons today’s husbands and wives are opting for silicone wedding rings.


1. They let others know you’re married, even when you’re in the weight room.



2. They protect your precious stone from wear and tear during long summer days on the beach.



3. They’re great for travel; you don’t have to worry about losing your diamond.



4. They’re perfect for hiking; you can hardly feel them.



5. If you’re renovating your house, or working with paint or in the garden, they’ll save you from scratching your more expensive wedding band.



Perhaps you’re of the camp that feels removing your wedding ring until it’s safe to wear it again is enough of a declaration of your devotion, but if you feel naked without it, the silicone ring is your solution. It lets you get after it as intensely as you want without worrying about misplacing, losing, or damaging your main bling.

Enjoy your Lake Tahoe wedding to the max—try a silicone wedding band.

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While we’d love for you and your wedding party to jump into the lake to cool down on your special day, that might have to happen pre- or post-ceremony. To beat the heat in the meantime, here are some tips and tricks that go beyond staying hydrated to prevent you from getting hot and bothered. Frizzy hair, begone; staying cool, calm and collected, come hither!




We’re not talking a camping tent; we’re talking something elegant and whimsical that will create an oasis for you and your guests to escape the sun, which, at high altitude is intense. Lake Tahoe can also get windy, and a tent is a nice place for your friends and family to recenter and continue to party the night away.




Not only are up-dos elegant, they keep your hair under control on warm Tahoe summer days. Plus, you’ll appreciate having your locks pinned back when that Lake Tahoe breeze picks up. Practicality first!




When you mix summertime Sierra temperatures with make-up, one thing’s for sure: less is more. Why? The more make-up you wear, the hotter you’ll feel, and the more you risk unwanted mishaps. Hello, melting make-up! Tahoe’s a  natural place, to boot; keep your face looking natural, too.




Stilletos may seem more elegant, but today’s wedges are equally as stylish, and, as aforementioned, we’re all about practicality. Wedges also work better on Tahoe’s natural terrain. Your Lake Tahoe wedding venue may not be rugged, per se, but chances are you’ll be navigating grass or bark chips.




Wedding dresses are traditionally long, but hey, it’s the 21st Century. Don’t get caught up in what’s traditional for the sake of staying comfortable. It’s your day–wear whatever will make you feel like the like happy, confident woman you are, and for many, that’s opting for a shorter wedding dress.




In the name of not spoiling your wedding day photos with a row of eye-squinting guests, encourage your party to rock sunglasses. Splash out on a pair that compliment your dress, or add that much more fun to the day by outfitting your bridesmaids with an array of vintage pairs.




For an added thoughtful gesture your guests will appreciate to the max, place a fan on each seat at the ceremony. As for brides, carry a purse-sized on in case of emergency.

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First off, high five to you for choosing to have a Lake Tahoe wedding; since all eyes will fixate on what’s interpreted from Native American Indian to mean “Lake of the Sky,” you can save money on decor. But why stop there? Hello, repurposing.

Repurposing furniture or decorations from your bridal shower can save you thousands, money you can put toward travel or a downpayment on a house. Yes, it’s nice to make your wedding day lavish—it’s a once in a lifetime occasion, after all—but you don’t need to end up in debt making the day memorable.

In the name of diminishing financial stress, we’ve come up with ways you can use what you’ve already got to decorate your Lake Tahoe wedding.


Re-use Bridal Shower Decorations

At your bridal shower, you’re likely to have all sorts of wedding-appropriate decor, like garlands featuring photographs of you and your soon-to-be-spouse, colorful paper lanterns, and string lights. Don’t use these as “one and done” items! Collect your bridal shower decorations and feature them at your Lake Tahoe wedding venue. It’s a “twofer.”


Turn Tea Tins into Vases

In the lead-up to your Lake Tahoe wedding, strongly encourage all your guests to drink tea when they visit. Why? You can turn the empty watertight and shatter-proof tea tins into charming vases for your wedding-day flowers. The old-fashioned prints and lettering are perfect for enhancing the whimsical ambiance, and gusts will love the unique touch. Should you find yourself short nearing the big day, eBay has a healthy selection of reasonably-priced ones you can have shipped to you or your florist.


Repurpose from Ceremony to Reception

Instead of buying double the flowers and double the vases and double, well, whatever other decorations you may want on your special Lake Tahoe wedding day, share the goods. With a little bit go planning, you can seamlessly move your decor from the ceremony to the reception, in turn saving yourself half the cost. Large arrangements at the altar can bring life to a buffet table, and bouquets placed on the ends of the aisles can be divvied up between cocktail tables.


Use Old Plates for DIY Food Stands

The win-win here is that mismatched vintage plates and vases have a certain charm that your guests will swoon over, and you’ll save money using what you have on hand. Kindly ask your friends and family to borrow a couple dishes. In the name of your happiness and gratitude, I’m sure they’ll offer up a dish or several.


Turn Vintage Drawers into Trays

Move your clothes aside—it’s time to let your vintage drawers shine at your Tahoe wedding. Vintage drawers make excellent food trays, not only for their novel looks, but for their ability to safely hold a lot of nibbles, especially ones of the dessert family.


Recycle Wine Corks into Place Card Holders

Regarding repurposing, this is the real winner. For the months leading up to your wedding, you’ll now be able to fully justify consuming bottle upon bottle of wine; with all the corks you collect, you can fully outfit your Lake Tahoe wedding reception with place cards. Genius, we know.


Turn Unused Maps into Garlands

Thanks to modern technology, our once much-used maps are collecting dust. Don’t let them linger any longer! Turn those colorful beauties into garlands. Not only with they attract intrigue, they’ll brighten up your venue and save what could equate to hundreds of dollars.

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Ceremonies by Meredith Richmond

Welcome the newest member of Tahoe Unveiled, Meredith Richmond. A seasoned wedding officiant, Meredith creates incredibly beautiful and personalized ceremonies for an unforgettable wedding. Being a Lake Tahoe native and living in Truckee, she has a deep reverence for the wild beauty of her surroundings.  We can assure you that Meredith will be the best addition to your Lake Tahoe wedding. Find out a little more about Meredith in our interview below.

Ceremonies by Meredith-4 Photo: Chelsea Jean Photography

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

It’s an absolute honor and privilege to be a part of couples’ wedding ceremonies. As a wedding officiant I lead couples through the process of developing their customized wedding ceremony that expresses who they are and tells their unique love story.

How and when did you decide to become a wedding officiant?

Years ago I was asked a few times to perform a few of my friends’ wedding ceremonies. I truly loved the experiences, though at that time I didn’t think about offering officiant services commercially. Then a couple of years later shortly after moving to Maui, I became friends with a woman who was in the wedding industry. I shared that I love performing ceremonies, and she immediately got so excited to hear this. She believed that there was a huge niche for an officiant with my style and approach. This conversation led me to begin my officiant business in Maui. Within just 3 years I had the opportunity to perform over 250 ceremonies.

Ceremonies by Meredith-1 Photo: Jana Dillon Photography

What’s your favorite part of the job?

That’s a tough one. Every step of the process is so thrilling. I love meeting each couple, getting to know them and share in their excitement of being engaged. I enjoy writing each unique ceremony and learning about new wedding customs. The ceremony of course is such a big finale to the whole process and such a pleasure to be a part of.
Describe the type of couple that will have the most success working with you.

I find that I fit in with all types of couples. I always listen to their requests and craft each ceremony to fit. I work with couples from across the spectrum, from those who want something short and sweet, to those who come to the table with a vision and many ideas for customs and rituals to include into their ceremony.

What is your inspiration for writing ceremonies?

Each couple inspires the type of ceremony. From getting to know them and learning about their story, I like to learn about what is important to them to include into their ceremony. There may be cultural/religious traditions or customs that they feel should be recognized. Additionally, a couple may have a wedding ritual that they know or that I offer that speaks to them. I also offer couples to partake in a questionnaire, that each partner responds to separately. I then weave their responses throughout the ceremony.

Ceremonies by Meredith-3 Photo: Maui Maka Photography

What is the most unique ceremony you’ve written?

Ooh, now that’s a good question. The first that comes to mind was an interfaith wedding ceremony. The bride was Jewish and the groom was Hindu. It was very important to both of them that many of the wedding traditions from each of their religions were recognized. I enjoyed learning and the challenge of researching the different wedding customs. In the end it was so interesting to learn that numerous of the wedding rituals mirrored each other, in the rituals and shared similar meanings.

I also have to mention the triple surprise vow renewal. I was asked to perform a vow renewal for a father and his two sons, who all wanted to surprise their wives with a vow renewal ceremony while on their Hawaiian vacation. The father celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary and the two sons were each celebrating their 20th anniversaries. The men had dresses and new rings for their wives. It was so fun to be in on the surprise and see the wives’ surprised reactions. I also enjoyed the challenge of intertwining three ceremonies into one.

What is the cutest or funniest thing you’ve seen happen at a wedding?

I’ll never forget when the groom’s cell phone started to ring during his vows. He quickly handed it off to his best man and looked at his new father-in-law and said, “I never take a day off!”.

Ceremonies by Meredith-2 Photo: Caitlin Cathey Photography

What is the most rewarding part of officiating a ceremony?

I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of couples’ most special day. It is such a sweet window that I get to see in people’s lives. I continually get to be surrounded by joy and happiness.

What are some of your favorite venues in Lake Tahoe?

There are so many beautiful venues around Tahoe. I love the simplicity and natural beauty that the outdoors provide. So really, anywhere around here is my favorite!

What is the most challenging part of being a wedding officiant?

For smaller weddings and elopements, I often serve as the wedding coordinator as well as the officiant. When the weather isn’t behaving, and there is no indoor or covered option, it can get tricky to have a backup plan.

Ceremonies by Meredith-5 Photo:  Chris J. Evans Photography

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love enjoying the outdoors with my family. We love hiking, biking, lounging by the lake and skiing in the winter. I also love yoga and date nights with my hubby.


Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

On an outdoor adventure, summer hike or winter skiing

If you’re getting married in the Northern California area, reach out to Meredith. She’d love to hear from you!

Meredith Richmond
Phone: 808-268-7985

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